16 April 2009

KingCast says, "BMW is spoken here."


The "new" one is mine, BMW #6, and the "old" one is Davey's. Liko can't drive either one of them because Gregory W. Floyd murdered him, after Liko shot Bruce McKay out of fear for his life, IMO. And we all know from Kelly Ayotte's own official report that Liko's car NEVER struck McKay until AFTER Floyd started shooting, and that my friends is an Indisputable Truth.

Anyway, the old one started right up after 5 months of sitting in a Boston winter like it's nobody's bit'ness. This is how it ran 1.5 minutes after startup, a steady and forging Teutonic rhythm-track idle all the effin' way. Effin' "Kraut wagons," you gotta' love 'em 'cos they are the best, hands down, Italians a very close second. Anyway, a valve adjustment and some fork and crankcase oil and she's good to go. See you soon Davey. We have work to do.

And money to do it with.

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