27 April 2009

KingCast presents: A walk in the park.

Well it was really a ride in the park, but whatever. Blue Hills Reservation to be precise, and it is one of the chillest MTBike haunts around. I hadn't been out in 2 years so the going was slow, but the going was good. I can't wait for round two later this week. It's a funny park, really chill packed dirt and mellow, then the next thing you know you're on a wicked descent with all kinds of sharp-assed New England granite in your face. This did of course lead to two downers, thankfully no endos :)


Christopher King said...

Damn Daffy Duck got away from me before I could focus on him as I yanked the camera out of the backpack -- it was on AF so it captured the branch in focus instead of him :(

Anonymous said...

The price for not being prepared. You never know when a photo op may present itself. I have missed several great chances at what I think would have been some great shots, but maybe tomorrow, there will always be tomorrow

Christopher King said...


You know, that's one (negative) way of looking at it.

The other (positive) way is that I was fully prepared to have a great bike ride and was blessed enough to catch the little critter at all.

I'm All Good.