05 April 2009

KingCast presents post hoc ergo propter hoc: A stupid comment from another stupid Kelly Ayotte supporter.

In the "my what a great big camera post" someone commented as follows, and I replied as indicated.

Anonymous said...
Kelly Ayotte was reconfirmed for another four years as Attorney General! She received all FIVE votes from the EC. That is AWESOME NEWS and shows that all your bluster truly means nothing to those in the state who actually have a clue and stable mind!

6:07 AM
Christopher King said...

Don't confuse inaction with legal or political health.

As far as the votes from the EC, I got the vote of confidence from the one I wanted from Bernie Streeter, you know the guy with the longest tenure of any EC member in history.

So I'm outvoted.

Big Deal.

I still document Kelly Ayotte's abject failures involving Right-to-Know and in other matters, if the EC doesn't care enough about them to actually do anything that's not my problem, that's a problem for the State of New Hampshire, dude.


-The KingCaster.

7:29 AM

PS: Quick somebody make sure that Kelly's "hero" Gregory Floyd gets this news..... in Prison. Hahahahahaaaaaaa.....

PPS: The media didn't even cover public dissent at Ayotte's bloody confirmation hearing so that really only leaves people like me to put out the hard, documented truths about Kelly Ayotte. Some of you tools wish I couldn't or wouldn't do it, well that's the price you pay for living in a "free" society. Free, ha! The whole thing is rigged and you know it.


Anonymous said...

what a damning vote for the EC. I'd hate to be the bachelor from the north and have to explain that one. (RB!) The beatings will continue until morale improves... I get it Lynch.

Christopher King said...

From the camera post here comes this brilliant comment:


Kelly Ayotte is not mistaken for wanting to protect law enforcement.

She has truly endeared herself to them in this respect.

Her mistake is that she sometimes does it at the cost of the constitutional rights of the citizens of New Hampshire, who she is also charged with protecting.

Could it be that what endears her politically is the reputations she spares and the millions of dollars she saves the State by refusing to investigate state government/law enforcement adequately ?
Realistically, how can she impartially investigate and prosecute those who she also has a duty to defend ?
By Anonymous, at 10:18 PM

Anonymous said...

In the plainest of English, Kelly Ayotte is the weakest, most impotent AG the State of New Hampshire could appoint. The Peter Principle is alive and well with this woman and others like her bud, Martha McLeod.

Her first foray into the prosecutorial business placed her as an absolute amateur in dealing with the Zantop murders. Hanover residents STILL sleep restlessly thinking about that home invasion.

She is inept, and should be replaced in that very important post.