09 April 2009

KingCast presents : Art as it happens part deux.

Again, dollar for dollar I'm quick on the draw and damn good with composition, even with a shitty little point and shooter. I was the only media to cop a still photo of Floyd from this angle. It's pretty badass, especially that floor indicator, like... "2nd floor... going down.... prison level.......clogged drains, raw sewage, broken beds, rat and human feces to the left......"

It's from this post.

This is a good family portrait as well, I really wanted the focus on the momma, who was wearing a supremely stern countenance, yah. So as usual, Mickey deRham was ready with the heat, as they walked by I said "get that," and blam, she was all over it.

PS: The real art in my life is what's hanging on the walls anyway; I haven't show you any of THAT.

1 comment:

Christopher King said...

And why is it underexposed, you ask?

That's because there's no flash allowed in the courtroom, and you had better believe with Floyd's antics there was no time to switch to flash on that little point and shoot before the fireworks started :)