13 April 2009

KingCast laughs as Indianapolis Star produces 20 year-old story on wireless eavesdropping!

On or about 5 August, 1990 I interviewed a spy who discussed with me the intricacies of wireless eavesdropping (which is not the same game as it once was, in fact I'm not sure if you can eavesdrop digital). I did then memorialize said conversation in print, and the IndyStar library called me on Friday to let me know they are sending out a hard copy because, get this.... it was BEFORE THE ADVENT OF THEIR ELECTRONIC DATABASE. Hahahahaaaaaa.....

As I remember the layout it will be odd to post it for a JPEG (it's like a huge above-the-fold story) so I'll have to copy it and cut it up -- actually engage in some good ol' fashioned cut and paste, the kind the young whippersnappers know nothing about, before there was a Mac Plus LOL.

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