14 April 2009

Happy Birthday to probable murderer Gregory W. Floyd and to the KingCaster, who just won't quit.

Yah, I remember a year ago tomorrow when Gregory W. Floyd showed his ass real good when he got convicted for criminal threats against AJ Boisvert. Remember, a conviction in every decade.

KingCast: The only conviction I have is the one that tells me Gregory W. Floyd murdered Liko Kenney, who had shot Bruce McKay out of fear for his life.

"When you gonna' quit it, King?" someone asked me last year about the exposure and fact-finding in the Franconia Shooting Tragedy.

"When I'm damn good and ready," I told them.

Anyway, the Beatles have a song for the jailbird and me, and no it isn't the Birthday Song but rather, "You're Gonna' Carry that Weight." Listen up. Floyd..... you're gonna' carry that weight, a long time -- even though NH AG Kelly Ayotte fancies you "a hero" you're just a dirtbag murderer and I can't wait for Casey Sherman's book to hit the stands in late summer so more people can see that. We share a birthday but nothing else 'cos you're a damn common criminal. Oh yah, oh, right.......

PS: Paul McCartney could rock a bass guitar. Even in the Wings, his little fun on Silly Love Songs had the rear-view mirror shaking all about this morning. Nice.

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