05 April 2009

Dangerous Negro Apparel: Because smart is the new Gangsta!

Dangerous Negro Apparel huh. Well having been called a "Dangerous Black Man" -- before being duly compensated for such statement because it implied PHYSICAL THREATS instead of INTELLECTUAL PROWESS -- I can really dig these brothers.

"The Gangster Paradigm is played out," they say.

I couldn't agree more. KingCast is the new P-I-M-P, in ways my haters will never even know. Got the nice day job, keep pushing the knowledge in the evenings and weekends, whenever and wherever dammit.

Trivia: What highly esteemed Ohio Legal mechanism wrote about me:
"King is a philosophical orator."

Answer: It doesn't matter. What matters most is that being a philosophical orator is something that they don't want me to be.


Christopher King said...

Cracks me up.

The give me hell in Ohio, they give me hell in New Hampshire, but I collect awards and front page stories about changing the law and have pending legislation finalized by a Mass State Senator.

The job, the girlfriend, the friends, the material shit, all good, all good and getting better by the minute.

You can't keep a Good Man down, we just keep on keepin' on.

Liko Kenny never got that chance, he just got screwed by certain NH LE, (and Gregory W. Floyd, Kelly Ayotte's "hero" killer of 43 people), in life and death.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

Mother Ann, Barack and Jeremiah.