28 March 2009

KingCast wins again: Piss on your Death Penalty, Kelly Ayotte : )

Yah, Kelly you tried to murder a murderer but it just won't work for you. Too bad you didn't have another psycho killer (live, 1975) like Gregory Willis Floyd on the loose to effect that sua sponte sorta' Death Penalty, as he played judge, jury and executioner of Liko Peter Kenney.

Last year the vote was 185-173, this year it was 193-174 for the Good Guys. Congrats to Renny Cushing and NH State Rep Paul McEachern.

To my detractors: Y'all need to go back to the lab again and cook up something else with your meth-head fantasies about me being all upset, or wrong, or whatever you are trying to say because I told y'all my position would be vindicated on Floyd and the Death Penalty in New Hampshire; I'm batting 1000 pct. this year.

PS: Well not exactly 1000 --- Kelly, you still owe me the damn Concord Shooting investigative files that you have produced for David Gray. I bet they had better be on the way or you can get ramped up for another RSA 91-A case, this time the court will have no choice but to give me the victory. Kelly Ayotte, you are the worst AG on Earth.

PPS: Of course Guvnah' LYNCH will issue his veto against the will of the people, but then we already know about his, ummmm..... integrity.

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Anonymous said...

"There's another old saying, Senator: Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining."
Quote from the movie "The Outlaw Josey Wales" (1976)