11 March 2009

KingCast says "Smile Senator Letourneau, you'll be a star at the Bahamas International Film Festival!"

Yah, remember some wankers were jawing about how the Bahamas International Film Festival is No Big Deal (you know, actors like CSI's Laurence Fishburne, No Biggie), and how Casey Sherman's upcoming book is No Big Deal, well that's just wonderful because then those same village idiots will have nothing to say about the audio from this hearing on SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway II will appear at this year's film festival, along with the updates (more photos) about (not-so) Pretty Boy Gregory Floyd, a/k/a Kelly Ayotte's "hero."

As I said, Bloody wankers, you just wait for tomorrow's story in the Littleton Courier. Justice takes time, just ask Michael Isreal, V1996-61481, 127 steps to Justice against those pigs Hensley and Rhodes who tap-danced on his throat.

PS: Off to work now in Das Bavaria, just chillaxin' and shopping the Nakamichi CD 400, some Polk Audio fronts and MB Quart rears. Later I'll put the 12" subwoofer under the back seat or a Bazooka Tube in da trunk, yah.

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