13 March 2009

KingCast says Littleton District Judge Peter Cyr is headed for a hearing.

He is being investigated right now for years of alleged improprieties. Anyone involved is free to use this blatant example of abuse. Some say I don't know what I'm talking about, like when I say Gregory W. Floyd was going down. He-heh.

PS: Had a little face to face with ATF's Roy Chabra today before work. More on this later.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to take a close look at the practices of other North Country judges, as well.

Christopher said...

From a KingCast reporter:


I ran a quick check of the reported decisions on the nh.gov judicial branch Supreme Court slip opinion site, and found that Judge Cyr was reversed over a half-dozen times by the New Hampshire Supreme Court, mostly on family law cases.

Anonymous said...

half-dozen reversed case out of how many total? present the whole picture not what suits your need, that is true reporting

Anonymous said...

the truth will set you free

Christopher King said...


And who taught you about objective journalism, the Union Leader?

Hell, what about the bogus media shutout I just showed you in this post for that matter.

-The KingCaster