16 March 2009

KingCast reminds everyone to put a glide in your stride, a lil' boogie in your beat, at Brockton's Progressions Lounge!

Yah I'm headed on down to that way to pick up some car stereo equipment, and I have some work to do -- a lot of work to do -- so I won't have time to dance with a pretty lady as I did in this TV spot, so some of y'all will have to come on down in my stead!


PS: Gregory Floyd can't really dance right now 'cos that dirtbag murderer of Liko Kenney, seen pulling into view here in his nasty Chevy Silverado pickem'up to do his dirty work for Bruce McKay, is properly in prison for related crimes of aggression owing to his confessed (by licensed attorney) "Anger Management Issues that need work." Just My Opinion. That's RELATED, not "unrelated," dear NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Reporter Lorna "might-as-well-be-on Kelly's payroll" Colquhoun.

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