02 March 2009

Kelly Ayotte's hero Gregory Floyd hearing rescheduled for 6 March 10 am per Defense counsel Curtis Payne's 12 points of light.

Well at least Gregory W. Floyd has thus far resisted the temptation to fire yet another lawyer, as is his modus operandi, as reflected in the JPEG scan. Anywhoozer, the clerk just told me that Gregory W. Floyd's Defense Counsel had 12 reasons why Floyd's hearing on sentence imposition should be continued, as it was. Well he got about 6 more days out of it, so I guess that worth 2 reasons per day at the going rate :)

Meanwhile I'm putting a call in to Roy Chabra down at the ATF/Boston on the outstanding 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) issues that the Feds never got back to Grafton County on, ten (10) years and running read the 1998 docket, LOL except that it's our taxpayer money that's being wasted on ineffectual and non responsive government. Update: Boston office is closed due to inclement weather.

This is Curtis Payne. Not the Curtis Payne representing Gregory W. Floyd, but the Curtis Payne from Tyler Perry's hootlarious TV episodes.

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