25 March 2009

NH AG Kelly Ayotte turns her back on the public; talking heads never sounded so good.

Being a manager I of course had to work all day (well, duh) so I had my affiliates handle things when I can't be around. Today at NH AG Kelly Ayotte's confirmation hearing KingCast affiliate Mickey deRham spoke, took the photos and provided a special little KingCast message seen in the comments section, and pass some printed blog posts one, on Right to Know RSA 91-A and two, on her intentionally botched, cover up, feckless "investigation" into the Franconia shooting tragedy that left Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay dead, and her "hero" Gregory Floyd on the loose.... at least for a little while. Now he is properly in prison as I predicted.

When Mickey was finished, a gentleman named David Gray, who also knows Kelly Ayotte to be a feckless yet dangerous Attorney General, offered his comments. Mr. Gray has some definite ideas about the real reason Peter Heed played the role of Patsy and Kelly was anointed the High Post. More on that after I review that file in his hands.

Talking Heads, you gotta' love 'em. Some other Talking Heads will sound extra good in the Bavaria tomorrow when I get my new system installed. I wanted to go with the Nakamichi CD 400 head unit, but in the end it is too fragile and no support in the U.S.
1. Alpine CDE 102. Kenwood KDC 742U with Sirrus and Bluetooth!
2. Alpine KTP-445 power pack.
3. Polk Audio db 461p 4 x 6 fronts. Polk Audio Momo 4 x 6.
4. Polk Audio db 571 5 x 7 rears. Kicker 4 x 6 KS460 -- niggardly speaker space on old BMWs without cutting back shelf :(
5. Fusion 12" active enclosure subwoofer, 360 watts.

This will provide a nice, well-balanced sound with the option of an additional small 50-100w amp to go to the cabin if or when I see fit, perhaps with another set of thin coaxials in the rear doors. Polk audio is a lot like KingCast. Sheer performance, no bullshit, just crisp sound all the way around. I had some Polk fronts, Pioneer slimline triax in the doors and MB Quart rears in one of my SAABs (you can barely make out the MB Quart sticker across from the Michelin Man) but this time I decided to go full Polk. It's All Good.

OMFG this rocks!!!! Got some Urge Overkill crankin'.... Happy Birthday to me :)


Christopher King said...

While there are endless items to address when it comes to our current AG, Ms. deRham read the second half of these comments because that is the single most pressing issue in Kelly's bag of tricks that Govnah' Lynch fully supports.

You can't watch these guys closely enough, honestly.


Kelly Ayotte is the worst AG I’ve ever seen and should not be returned to her post:

1. She conducted a sham investigation of the Franconia shooting tragedy and that will be detailed in a handout and later in my comments.

2. Her litigation against Planned Parenthood cost taxpayers money when she lost and had to pay their attorney fees.

3. She presided over an Unconstitutional DNA collection process and now refuses to release the AG report about it. A Judge had long ago ruled it was Unconstitutional.

4. She did not know the law on same-sex marriage in New Hampshire and joined other AG’s on a stupid measure then had to backpedal.

5. She did not make sure that the Right-to-Know oversight commission issued at 2006 report, so none was issued, and the commission also just now failed to meet last week on March 20, 2008.

6. She and fired Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn tried to put Chris King in prison for issuing a Demand Letter about a case of police abuse when he was NAACP Legal Chair. She wasted taxpayer money on a case that was dismissed.

7. She and fired Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn tried to put Aaron Deboisbriand in prison too, over a petty argument and they wasted taxpayer money.

********************* The Franconia “Investigation.” **********************
1. No investigation of the windshield bullet at the base of Liko Kenney’s windshield whatsoever.
2. No fingerprints taken of anything, particularly of Liko Kenney’s second clip that should have been taken.

3. No investigation of the clothing that is supposed to be maintained when an officer discharges his weapon. That clothing would have shown that Gregory Floyd, who is now in Prison for violent gun threats, lied about where he was when he shot Liko Kenney.

4. Ignoring the first two statements from Gregory Floyd that he did not ever speak to Liko Kenney before shooting him, and taking his third version, when his son stated on the record that his father did in fact shoot before he ever spoke.

5. Reaching a conclusion, seen at p. 42 of her official report, that Floyd was unarmed when he saw Liko Kenney’s car strike Bruce McKay, which is in direct contravention to the windshield bullet and to Gregory P. Floyd’s statements again at pdf. 745.

6. Failure to conduct any inquiry into the propriety or impropriety of the traffic stops, given that litigation revealed that Bruce McKay violated at least eight (8) clear cut pursuit and OC Spray policies and procedures.

7. Clearing a man like Floyd, with a known violent history and felony convictions, of any and all possible wrongdoing in about 24 hours, or nearly six (6) weeks before the ballistics report was issued, while withholding crucial military documents that show his propensity for lying because he was never in special forces in Vietnam like he said he was.



Christopher King said...

The song I selected for today's post is the Talking Heads "What a Day That Was."

Take time to maximize the screen and watch the whole video.

It's something else.

From the band that is arguably the best pop/rock/new wave band, ever -- with and without the Parliament Funkadelic crew.


Well, I'm dressed up so nice
An' I'm doin' my best
An' I'm startin' over..
I'm startin' over in another place

Lemme tell you a story
Big chief with a golden crown
He's got rings on his fingers
And then he walks up, up to the throne

He's makin' shapes with his hands
An' don't choo dare sit back
Now don't choo dare sit down
And don't choo dare speak up!

And on the first day, we had everything we could stand
Ooh who could've asked for more?
And on the second day, there was nothing else left to do
Ooh what a day that was.

There are 50,000 beggars
Roaming in the streets
They have lost all their possessions
They have nothing left to eat

Down come a bolt of lightning
Start an electrical storm
Starts a chain reaction
Go pull a fire alarm

I'm dreaming of a city
It was my own invention
I put the wheels in motion
A time for big decisions

And on the first day, we had everything we could stand
Ooh and then we let it fall
And on the second day, there was nothing else at all
Ooh what a day that was.

Oh a day that was
Ooh that's the way it goes
There's a million ways- to get things done
There's a million ways- to make things work out.

Well I'm going right through
And the light came down
Well they're roundin' 'em up
from all over town

They're movin' forward and backwards
They're movin' backwards and front
And they're enjoying themselves
Moving in ev'ry direction

And if you feel like you're in a whirlpool
You feel like going home
You feel like talking to someone
Who know the difference between right and wrong

And on the first day, we had everything we could stand

Ooh and then we let it fall

And on the second day, there was nothing else left at all

Ooh what a day that was.

(We're go(in') boom boom boom That's the way we live

And in a great big room and That's the way we live.) x3

Anonymous said...

Dude, your game is tired. Worn out!

Anonymous said...

Another request for a Talking Heads tune..... Psycho Killer, and could you please dedicate it to Gregory Floyd. :smirk:

Christopher King said...


Piss of, you know not of what you speak. Besides, it says nothing for you that you pay so much attention, then, does it?



Coming up later today!

-The KingCaster

The Lifeguard said...

Like the post. Like the choice for the sound system. Love the Talking Heads.

Let's play tennis, have a beer, and catch up.

In the meantime, keep up the good work.