08 March 2009

Gregory Floyd live on video as an "anger management problem" in April, 2008 and in March, 2009, spot the difference.

That's a trick statement. There is no difference. Thing is, there also no difference from the day his "anger management issues" caused him to "shoot the driver [Liko Kenney] within 4 seconds," his own words before changing his story and lying in an official investigation, a violation of RSA 641:3 Unsworn Falsifcation, as former NH AG (kicked out on a sexual harassment scandal at a sexual harassment seminar) Peter Heed will tell you at p.13 of his Catholic Diocese investigation.

"Anger management issues that need to be addressed,"
a nice sort of declaration against penal interest issued by his own lawyer on Friday.

Anyway, in live action here was was in 2008, and here he is in 2009. At the very end of the video, that's Yours Truly heading out to the trusty Bavaria to head into Franconia to enjoy lunch with the locals and to draft this post, proving I was 100% correct that Floyd was going down. BTW that's my right shoulder in the 2008 picture, above. Yes, Floyd was coming at me with a deadly weapon. Small wonder he's NH AG Kelly Ayotte's hero LOL.

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