04 March 2009

Dear Russell Cumbee: I did not lose my lawsuit. I got what I came after and will use it in Washington, D.C. my friend.

Yah, shoor it's the "annoying blogger" you wrote about in today's paper, sitting perpetually to your right shoulder, and here to remind you that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. May I remind you that while you claim that I lost my lawsuit against Franconia and Kelly Ayotte, the fact remains that I basically got what I wanted, and proved that Franconia had a copy of the ethics complaint filed by Troy Watts, Esq. against Norman Bruce McKay all the time, but mysteriously avoided producing it for more than a year. And I won the right to review the original of the 5/11 dash cam video; I should have been awarded costs for that, but whatever, the deck is definitely stacked pro cop on matters like that.

And we also established Kelly Ayotte's ongoing/legacy in general and her deviations from protocol in specific, when it comes to the Franconia shooting tragedy "investigation."

Anyway, why don't you go on rant about how annoying Troy Watts is, huh Big Boy? Mickey deRham? I know you hate on her, too. What about then-Mayor Bernard Streeter, the man with the most tenure in the history of New Hampshire on the Executive Council awarding me a Mayoral Commendation, in part because of my work in Franconia? What about all of the Aldermen who unanimously approved it? To hell with them too, huh? What about Casey Sherman, whose upcoming book is going to echo, buttress and support much of what I've said, and add to it in his own ways? Anybody who says something you don't like or agree with is "annoying" apparently. Dude, you lack the requisite intellectual capacity to even be annoying to me; I roll my eyes at you and chortle.

Blam! You have just been KingCasted. It probably was not as good for you as it was for me. Stick around, soon we can hear the audio from that glorious day of testimony on SB 154, thanks to my eternal vigilance, yah. Mheh, you are indeed a grade "A" Jackass. And you need to get some sun. Next time maybe some of the black will rub off, hahahaha.....

KingCast: Cocky, "annoying," eternally vigilant and damn good at it.


Christopher King said...

As they say across the pond, I love taking a piss on this guy. He took a piss on me, but it was like a swollen prostate faucet dribble; I shot him with a water cannon.


-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

Of course here's the Best Part:

Thanks for driving more traffic to my blog, dude.

It's not for any money, but now more people can come here and see the truth and read about Casey's book and stuff.

Hell, you've so inspired me I may fire up the hemi you saw me in last month (you know, the E28 like Liko Kenney's car) and head on up for the rescheduled Gregory Floyd imposition of sentence hearing on Friday :)

"The Bavaria is fast. It will cruise all day at 120 mph with no strain. Thanks to an amazingly efficient smooth and turbine-like ohc engine--the most advanced of its kind in the world."

Christopher King said...

Excerpts from the official report I just received, in anticipation of the audio CD:

Christopher King, representing himself, testified in opposition to SB 154. Mr. King stated that it was not known for sure if Cpl. McKay was indeed attempting to arrest Mr. Kenney, and that Cpl. McKay was in violation of policy by the way he used the OC spray on Mr. Kenney. Mr. King stated that he thought that the fact that none of the legislators from the North Country are signed onto this bill says how the people in that area feel, not wanting to sign on to this and have the fall out reflected by the voters next election. Mr. King stated that Cpl. McKay had a long list of people who had filed complaints against him but nothing was done. Mr. King believes that this could be considered man slaughter or possibly self defense because the man was in fear for his own life. Mr. King believes that it is wrong to honor a man who committed misdeeds on many overlooked occasions.

Gary Harwood, resident of Easton, testified in opposition of SB 154. Mr. Harwood stated that he was not in favor of senseless violence that occurred the day that Mr. Kenney and Cpl. McKay were killed, but that this bill sends a message that we should all turn the page and move on with out any further questions or answers. Mr. Harwood stated that the investigation of this tragedy was closed after 24 hours and many people feel that it was to cover up any wrong doings on the part of Cpl. McKay. Mr. Harwood would like the community, not Concord, to recommend or determine the placement of any future memorials within the Town of Franconia.

Mickey deRham, resident of Sugar Hill, testified in opposition to SB 154. Mr. deRham handed the committee copies of a petition that has been circulated throughout the communities with signatures of those in opposition of SB 154. Mr. deRham stated Cpl. McKay repeatedly harassed local youth and selectmen in the area were concerned that something bad was going to happen if Cpl. McKay was not dealt with. Mr. deRham described Cpl. McKay as a “Sick and abusive Cop.”

Molly McLean, representing herself, testified in opposition to SB 154. Ms. McLean is an 18 year old who was friends with the late Liko Kenney, and described him as a really good kid with a bad temper. Ms. McLean stated that she was under the impression that COP stood for Constable of Peace, and that Cpl. McKay would drive around harassing young kids because he could. Ms. McLean stated that she respects all officers of the law but not Cpl. McKay. Ms. McLean believes that it should be up to the towns to decide if and when a memorial is dedicated.