06 March 2009

"The Bavaria is fast.... it will take KingCast all the way to Grafton Superior Court to check on likely murderer & Kelly Ayotte's hero Gregory Floyd."

"The Bavaria is fast. It will cruise all day at 120 mph with no strain. Thanks to an amazingly efficient smooth and turbine-like ohc engine--the most advanced of its kind in the world."

"At the Bavarian Motor Works, we build these cars for high-speed touring in the Alps. Which is one reason why automotive experts will tell you there is no better suspension than BMW's in any car anywhere."

"...a practical family sedan that's a mind-bending joy to drive."

I always loved the Bavaria, and I love the BMW M30 engine, old as it is. And that's why the Bavaria's nephew -- the 1985 E28 535i -- is about to hoot my narrow black ass on up to Grafton Superior court to check on Gregory W. Floyd's sentence imposition. The Bavaria: Yeah, it's got a hemi in it! Happy motoring :)

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