31 March 2009

Ahhhh, KingCast what a nice big camera you have!

Yes, Kelly (and other statesmen of questionable virtue) it is the Canon Powershot S2 IS, the better to see you my dear! I was gonna go DSLR but having video and decent pictures in one machine is the way to go. Later I'll cop a D40 Nikon so I can mix and match lenses with my film maker, who has gotten deep into still photography in the past few years so he's running a D80. My last SLR was a lower-end Nikon from the late 80's (a 4004s 1st paragraph) that ran and ran and ran.... until it fell out of a motorcycle tank bag LOL :)

28 March 2009

KingCast presents: Each one teach one, the Education Coalition rides again!

Nearly twenty (20) years ago I sat down with several other law students and created the Education Coalition. It has been quite a journey since then, but now at this point in my life I get the opportunity to mentor a certain high school kid who also has the chance to make a difference in this World. Whip smart this kid is, but of course I hear he has some problems dealing with the establishment, he-heh. I would know nothing about that :)

Meanwhile, I get to be on the Board of Directors for a certain local nonprofit group that has been making a difference in their community since 2001. We're hooking up with Nonviolentpeaceforce.

You see, you can't keep a good man down. Sometimes you can murder him like what Gregory Floyd (now at least in prison thank goodness) did to Liko Kenney in my opinion, but short of that, a good man will always rise back to the top of his game, and keep on making a difference in this World.

That is the biggest lesson of all.

-The KingCaster.

KingCast wins again: Piss on your Death Penalty, Kelly Ayotte : )

Yah, Kelly you tried to murder a murderer but it just won't work for you. Too bad you didn't have another psycho killer (live, 1975) like Gregory Willis Floyd on the loose to effect that sua sponte sorta' Death Penalty, as he played judge, jury and executioner of Liko Peter Kenney.

Last year the vote was 185-173, this year it was 193-174 for the Good Guys. Congrats to Renny Cushing and NH State Rep Paul McEachern.

To my detractors: Y'all need to go back to the lab again and cook up something else with your meth-head fantasies about me being all upset, or wrong, or whatever you are trying to say because I told y'all my position would be vindicated on Floyd and the Death Penalty in New Hampshire; I'm batting 1000 pct. this year.

PS: Well not exactly 1000 --- Kelly, you still owe me the damn Concord Shooting investigative files that you have produced for David Gray. I bet they had better be on the way or you can get ramped up for another RSA 91-A case, this time the court will have no choice but to give me the victory. Kelly Ayotte, you are the worst AG on Earth.

PPS: Of course Guvnah' LYNCH will issue his veto against the will of the people, but then we already know about his, ummmm..... integrity.

27 March 2009

KingCast and Blinde ambition.

Absolutely, I love these frames. I will have them soon. In retrospect.....

KingCast to NH AG Kelly Ayotte: Quit screwing around and give me the Concord credit union cop-on-cop shooting file right now.

Hey Kelly, here are two white men with files I need, but could just never get. The first is your idiot friend and fired Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn, who held a secret file on me like Hoover did my namesake. The second is David Gray, featured in this post.

You see Kelly, while you're busy giving me the stall game on the cop-on-cop shooting, I've already spoken with Mr. Gray, who testified at your confirmation hearing. He told me y'all gave him the file already, so what you're going to do -- TODAY -- is mail me a letter telling me that the report is available and giving me the cost. I of course know what the cost should be, but I'm not telling you that, I want to make sure you give me the same thing you gave him, got it? I also know pretty much what the report says, which is pretty much NOTHING.

See this is the second time your office has treated me differently than others requesting the same information. The day when you passed out the official report on your bogus Franconia investigative files you emailed all the other members of the media as to what time to come and retrieve them but you failed to notify me.

I know, probably just an oversight both times.

That's why you'll have no problem correcting things today.

Have a nice weekend.

Christopher King, J.D.

PS: You're still getting away with not producing the Michael Paulhus file, even though that case has long been settled and "investigated" and we all know that various LE improperly shot the man and then destroyed material evidence. I'll get that file from you too, eventually. Why you act this way, is beyond me and it is sickening.

25 March 2009

NH AG Kelly Ayotte turns her back on the public; talking heads never sounded so good.

Being a manager I of course had to work all day (well, duh) so I had my affiliates handle things when I can't be around. Today at NH AG Kelly Ayotte's confirmation hearing KingCast affiliate Mickey deRham spoke, took the photos and provided a special little KingCast message seen in the comments section, and pass some printed blog posts one, on Right to Know RSA 91-A and two, on her intentionally botched, cover up, feckless "investigation" into the Franconia shooting tragedy that left Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay dead, and her "hero" Gregory Floyd on the loose.... at least for a little while. Now he is properly in prison as I predicted.

When Mickey was finished, a gentleman named David Gray, who also knows Kelly Ayotte to be a feckless yet dangerous Attorney General, offered his comments. Mr. Gray has some definite ideas about the real reason Peter Heed played the role of Patsy and Kelly was anointed the High Post. More on that after I review that file in his hands.

Talking Heads, you gotta' love 'em. Some other Talking Heads will sound extra good in the Bavaria tomorrow when I get my new system installed. I wanted to go with the Nakamichi CD 400 head unit, but in the end it is too fragile and no support in the U.S.
1. Alpine CDE 102. Kenwood KDC 742U with Sirrus and Bluetooth!
2. Alpine KTP-445 power pack.
3. Polk Audio db 461p 4 x 6 fronts. Polk Audio Momo 4 x 6.
4. Polk Audio db 571 5 x 7 rears. Kicker 4 x 6 KS460 -- niggardly speaker space on old BMWs without cutting back shelf :(
5. Fusion 12" active enclosure subwoofer, 360 watts.

This will provide a nice, well-balanced sound with the option of an additional small 50-100w amp to go to the cabin if or when I see fit, perhaps with another set of thin coaxials in the rear doors. Polk audio is a lot like KingCast. Sheer performance, no bullshit, just crisp sound all the way around. I had some Polk fronts, Pioneer slimline triax in the doors and MB Quart rears in one of my SAABs (you can barely make out the MB Quart sticker across from the Michelin Man) but this time I decided to go full Polk. It's All Good.

OMFG this rocks!!!! Got some Urge Overkill crankin'.... Happy Birthday to me :)

23 March 2009

Remember this?

NH AG Kelly Ayotte hates RSA 91A, free speech and the Right-to-Know. Ask John P. Brown, Jr., Ph.D

Remember I told y'all in this post that I had proof that the Right-to-Know Oversight Commission meeting was canceled. Well indeed it was, and you can read about the litany of other informational and Civil Rights failures of her administration in that post as well.

Here's what Dr. Brown says:

"RE: Kelly Ayotte, Against reappointment as Attorney General

Dear Governor Lynch:

I urge you to nominate someone other than Kelly Ayotte to serve the next full Attorney General term. Ms. Ayotte may well be an exceptionally competent staff attorney but she does not appear to have the requisite leadership or management skills to ensure integrity and compliance with law throughout the Justice Department. The still accumulating record indicates an abysmal failure of leadership on her part with respect to my own area of expertise.......

......During Ms. Ayotte’s watch, the Board [of Mental Health] became the only professional licensing board in this state to ever undergo a legislatively ordered performance audit. As a direct result of the audit’s critical findings, HB 420 was recently enacted into law to statutorily specify recusal and accountability requirements universally accepted elsewhere but long rejected by Board members and agents. An even stronger Board reform bill, HB 688, is presently being worked on in the House. The Board is also presently undergoing an audit-instigated, painfully overdue rewriting of its administrative rules. The Board’s massive violations of the right-to-know-law are awaiting litigation under circumstances almost certain to expose serious violations of public trust knowingly abetted by Justice Department attorneys. All of this can be traced to leadership failures that made integrity and impartial law enforcement optional within the Justice Department rather than accountably required.

On March 21, 2005 I personally wrote to Ms. Ayotte drawing her attention to the serious continuing problems at the interface of the Board and Justice Department. There was no response to this letter, not even perfunctory acknowledgment of its receipt. Since then her subordinates have continued to misleadingly resist essential legislative reforms, to repeatedly reject legitimate right-to-know requests, and to non-accountably shut down the Board’s disciplinary process rather than injecting impartiality and lawfulness into timely complaint resolutions."

KingCast: We're aware of other related complaints and will reveal those at a time appropriate.

21 March 2009

KingCast 1998 and 2009, spot the difference. Still smilin'......Still rampant police abuse.

Seriously, this f*cking guy pulls me over and I gather my license and registration for him and politely ask him:

"Is there a problem officer?"

Whereby he then says to me, he says:

"Is there a problem why you nailed your accelerator to the floor as fast as you could,"

"I wasn't aware that I exceeded the speed limit, officer do you have any proof of that?"

"I'll show you a lesson about how fast you can go."


Whereupon (like, 20 minutes later after he scrubs my nigga' license for the neo-Bavaria and it comes up clean, duh) I take receipt of a ticket that says I went 45 in a 30 -- right off of I-93 mind you, with no specific street addy -- and he says to me, he says "If you wanna try me on this you have to file an appeal within blah blah blah.... I'm a dick.... blah blah blah...."

Fine dude, you're on. Bring your f*cking paperwork, LOL I will kick your ass as per my usual. Rookie.

Here's a lesson for him, the cocky sonuvabitch.

UPDATE: I just realized he forgot to make me sign the "ticket" as required by MGL 90c. Dumb ass. I still haven't been served. We will see who gets the lesson when come time for trial, hahahahaaaa..... ROTFLMAO.

I was smilin' 11 years ago and I'll be smiling this year when I bring my film crew in for another KingCast court adventure, I'll give y'all a legal clinic in how to win in traffic court. I haven't even been pulled over in 7 years, much less got a damn ticket.

17 March 2009

Erin go bragh 2009, for my negroes from across the pond.

A repeat post from 2008 and still true: Civil Rights is not about black, white, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sex, gender or orientation.

It's about common sense principles of life.

Saint Patrick was an Irish slave cum Civil Rights Activist, so don't get it twisted when you're drinking on Monday.

Meanwhile I'm holding down the fort here in New Hampshire.

NH AG Kelly Ayotte (non-official website) has gotta' be part Irish, so I know she's loving me for it, even though I just prevailed over her in the KingCast v. Ayotte/Franconia litigation.

We came to America and we did our things... well part of my ancestry was here first but whatever we're all Ghetto Superstars!

Related video: Marvin Gaye, "What's Going On?"


16 March 2009

KingCast reminds everyone to put a glide in your stride, a lil' boogie in your beat, at Brockton's Progressions Lounge!

Yah I'm headed on down to that way to pick up some car stereo equipment, and I have some work to do -- a lot of work to do -- so I won't have time to dance with a pretty lady as I did in this TV spot, so some of y'all will have to come on down in my stead!


PS: Gregory Floyd can't really dance right now 'cos that dirtbag murderer of Liko Kenney, seen pulling into view here in his nasty Chevy Silverado pickem'up to do his dirty work for Bruce McKay, is properly in prison for related crimes of aggression owing to his confessed (by licensed attorney) "Anger Management Issues that need work." Just My Opinion. That's RELATED, not "unrelated," dear NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Reporter Lorna "might-as-well-be-on Kelly's payroll" Colquhoun.

15 March 2009

Hey KingCast, what is the Massachusetts Senate Bill Number for Robert Taylor's Law?

My bad. I should have mentioned, it's SD728: Bruce E. Tarr An Act requiring landlord notice of unsafe conditions. Read more here, in the post entitled: KingCast and Gloucester Times editorial concur: "Robert Taylor's Law would be a fitting legacy for Mr. Taylor."

13 March 2009

KingCast says Littleton District Judge Peter Cyr is headed for a hearing.

He is being investigated right now for years of alleged improprieties. Anyone involved is free to use this blatant example of abuse. Some say I don't know what I'm talking about, like when I say Gregory W. Floyd was going down. He-heh.

PS: Had a little face to face with ATF's Roy Chabra today before work. More on this later.

11 March 2009

KingCast presents: Cover Design for Casey Sherman's "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

That's it. Look at Kelly Ayotte's Boy Toy Wildman (and properly-jailed and imprisoned in the Big House, multiple felon and multiple 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violator) Gregory Floyd pulling into the picture at that ummm... random time. Tomorrow morning before work, in the Spirit of this I am driving up to Concord to cop that audio CD from the silly SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway II hearing, when Senator Robert Letourneau really acted a Fool, truncating my First Amendment Rights and such. I should have it up on YouTube by Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile the Girly-Girl and I ran into my favorite ski-dude, a mutual friend of Casey Sherman's last night at a party at Macy's that was hosted by my buddy Emmi, from A Man's World Co. And my pals from Soul Clap were up on the microphone keeping the beats just right. We talked about the book and everything per this former post and so I figured now would be a Good Time to share the cover art.

KingCast says "Smile Senator Letourneau, you'll be a star at the Bahamas International Film Festival!"

Yah, remember some wankers were jawing about how the Bahamas International Film Festival is No Big Deal (you know, actors like CSI's Laurence Fishburne, No Biggie), and how Casey Sherman's upcoming book is No Big Deal, well that's just wonderful because then those same village idiots will have nothing to say about the audio from this hearing on SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway II will appear at this year's film festival, along with the updates (more photos) about (not-so) Pretty Boy Gregory Floyd, a/k/a Kelly Ayotte's "hero."

As I said, Bloody wankers, you just wait for tomorrow's story in the Littleton Courier. Justice takes time, just ask Michael Isreal, V1996-61481, 127 steps to Justice against those pigs Hensley and Rhodes who tap-danced on his throat.

PS: Off to work now in Das Bavaria, just chillaxin' and shopping the Nakamichi CD 400, some Polk Audio fronts and MB Quart rears. Later I'll put the 12" subwoofer under the back seat or a Bazooka Tube in da trunk, yah.

09 March 2009

Hey KingCast what do your old high school friends have to say to you?

Great to hear from you! I checked out your website--you are the man! Loved your documentary shorts. It amazes me, that so much bs still goes on--I see it--I hear about it--and there you are fighting for change. Right On!

Matt is hanging in there. He still lives in North Collinwood near my photo studio. I'll tell him you said hello.

Keep doing what you do. If I ever run into you--first beer's on me. Take care.


Goes like that. It's KingCastic, and just wait until this summer. Also just conducted an interview in which I got to discuss the windshield bullet. More on this soon.

My friends start things that leave indelible imprints on the American landscape, like the Grog Shop. The MySpace, with 8,600 friends, showing the bar the way it looked back in the Day, when you could walk up to the Goo Goo Dolls on stage and hand them a beer, back when they were still really cool and stuff.

Related post: What Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee member Gary Harwood said.
Unrelated post: The Rookie, comment #2.

08 March 2009

Gregory Floyd live on video as an "anger management problem" in April, 2008 and in March, 2009, spot the difference.

That's a trick statement. There is no difference. Thing is, there also no difference from the day his "anger management issues" caused him to "shoot the driver [Liko Kenney] within 4 seconds," his own words before changing his story and lying in an official investigation, a violation of RSA 641:3 Unsworn Falsifcation, as former NH AG (kicked out on a sexual harassment scandal at a sexual harassment seminar) Peter Heed will tell you at p.13 of his Catholic Diocese investigation.

"Anger management issues that need to be addressed,"
a nice sort of declaration against penal interest issued by his own lawyer on Friday.

Anyway, in live action here was was in 2008, and here he is in 2009. At the very end of the video, that's Yours Truly heading out to the trusty Bavaria to head into Franconia to enjoy lunch with the locals and to draft this post, proving I was 100% correct that Floyd was going down. BTW that's my right shoulder in the 2008 picture, above. Yes, Floyd was coming at me with a deadly weapon. Small wonder he's NH AG Kelly Ayotte's hero LOL.

07 March 2009

KingCast pings ATF Attorney Roy Chabra, ATF Director (TBD) and President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden on Gregory Floyd and 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1).

Dear Attorney Chabra: It has been more than four (4) months now since we spoke about Gregory W. Floyd's ongoing 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violations as I mentioned to you in my handwritten note this week. At least one such violation did occur within the Statute of Limitations when he turned in a firearm last year after he was convicted of criminally threatening AJ Boisvert. I predicted his conviction of course in my KingCast amicus brief, vis a vis State v. Gibbs, 953 A.2d 439 (2008). Read it and weep, Floyd. Good job, kudos to Kelly on Gibbs :)

I know some well-respected, professionally established folks from Franconia have telephoned you as well. And of course I know that Vice President Biden acknowledged my concerns, gave me a hug and promised that he would prosecute people like Gregory W. Floyd -- who is now thankfully behind bars at the Big House for multiple probation violations stemming from his anger management issues. See posts one and two (with courthouse pics you won't see anywhere else!).

But what I don't know is who the ATF Director is going to be (now that Michael Sullivan has resigned) or what your office plans on doing with this dangerous (a conviction in every decade as noted by me repeatedly, and by Prosecutor James Vara yesterday) public miscreant -- and Kelly Ayotte's "hero" -- Gregory W. Floyd? I'm not going to go away unless or until I get an answer. As a citizen of the United States, and under President Obama's Open Government policy is that too much to ask?

Dear Russell Cumbee: The verdict is fingers down, thumbs up for your buddy Gregory Floyd.

Dear Russell Cumbee, you vapid tool: I figured a pictorial essay was in order. No need to get profane on me there, Michelle flipping me the downward dog.... er, bird, after all, it was a thumbs up day for (a modicum of) Justice. Again, Floyd's crazed rantings were the last thing that Liko Kenney heard before he was murdered, IMO.

More pics coming soon. You know, pictures that the major media won't show you, like the windshield bullet that, as I noted yesterday in the go directly to jail post, proves that:

a) Gregory W. Floyd lied about how he shot at Liko Kenney or

b) Bruce McKay fired his weapon and as such clothing should have been saved and analysed that would have shown Liko Kenney was not shot close range as Floyd claims, after Liko allegedly refused to drop the gun. Note from the This American Life Epiphany Post #2 that Floyd only said that late in his interview, his first two statements were that "I didn't say a word," and "I shot the driver within 4 seconds."

Remember that Caleb Macaulay, with whom I spoke yesterday, clearly said in his interview that Floyd "had that gun trained on us before we even got on the road."

c) Kelly Ayotte is a lying, deceitful Attorney General, a fact that will be driven home at her confirmation hearing on 25 March.

06 March 2009

KingCast proved correct as Gregory W. Floyd threatens Judge Bornstein but goes straight to jail, does not pass go.

I told you fools (and rational people as well) that Floyd was going down a long time ago, it just took a while. But it was all clear today in Grafton Superior Court where Judge Bornstein imposed the FULL MEASURE of the outstanding suspended sentence for Floyd's 1998 Assault on a Police Officer, 1-3 years in the Big House. Also included are restitution for out of pocket medical/counseling expenses for AJ Boisvert (who was quite relieved to see me just prior to her testimony today), and no contact, direct or indirect with Ms. Boisvert or her family. I saw it all today as my trusty BMW Bavaria delivered me to the Courthouse just in time.

Here's what we need to focus on:

First: "He needs help with anger issues and mood swings," as eloquently argued by his counsel.

Well no shit, Sherlock. You think those anger management issues just might have been at play when he started firing the windshield bullet (read para. 3 about Casey Sherman's forthcoming book "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" -- the cover design is AWESOME) at Liko Kenney on 5/11 before Liko's car ever even struck Bruce McKay? And before he MURDERED Liko Kenney IMO. Yep, that's why NH AG Kelly Ayotte closed the book in 24 hours.

Two: Deputy Sheriff Leavitt's testimony that Floyd repeatedly stated that LE "got our drugs from the Kenney family, and that we were on the take from the Kenney family."

That's interesting, n'est-ce pas? Kind of implies some kind of personal antipathy for the Kenney family. Wonder where he got that from? Maybe from his buddy Bruce McKay?


Anyway, after "apologizing" for his actions of 15 April, 2008 he later told the court after he was sentenced "That's cool. Keep on piling up the Constitutional charges, Bud. You'll be in court pretty soon!" And "What about the Federal Law... You fucking bastids I'm sick of this shit..." He was screaming in the manner of a feral animal in the hallway, out of sight.

"It doesn't stop!" exclaimed Attorney James Vara, seen discussing the absurdity of this case with Yours Truly a few months ago.

Outside the courtoom, I turned to Lorna Colquhoun and Chris Jensen and said emphatically "That scream is the last thing Liko Kenney heard before he was murdered."