26 February 2009

To a bunch of braying jackasses: This is not a forgery. The Floyds signed the "Say no to SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway II" Petition.

Some jackasses at a stupid community website that I check every couple of months accused me of forging these names. Which proves that while I don't really give a damn about them, these pathetic sapsuckers sure are fascinated with me because this is the only place that these signatures have been posted so they read Chris King's 1st Amendment Page assiduously. What these jackasses don't know, however, is that this list was emailed to me directly from the Franconia business center via Pam Yarosh. Anyway, that having been duly noted for the record, tomorrow's hearing on Floyd's sentence imposition should be interesting.

UPDATE: No, it won't. Despite the explicit warnings from the Court that there would be no further delays, there has been a continuance. Funny, I just called the clerk as a matter of course because I was about to fire up the Bimmer and head north, given, you know, the explicit warnings of the court..... instead I'll be calling back to find out if and when the matter is ever going to be heard. Wonder If NH AG Kelly Ayotte had anything to do with the delay. It would be bad to see her "hero" go down on the heels of her kid glove treatment of Fred Hoysradt, that dirtbag cop who assaulted the female reporter, yah.

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Christopher King said...

You know what their rationale was for saying that it was forged?

1. They hate Chris King.

2. The signatures are all in one handwriting style (which is frequently done when a family is involved in a unanimous decision).

3. They hate Chris King.