11 February 2009

NH Senate Transportation Chair Robert Letourneau tried to silence KingCast criticism of Bruce McKay at today's SB 154 hearing.

I started out by recognizing the loss of a brother (for the LE who were there), son and fiance (Bruce McKay's father and fiancee Sharon Davis were present; I sat next to them), but as I turned to get into the meat of my testimony, Senator Letourneau's conduct was so ridiculous, the moment I started into anything negative he was all over me, cautioning me to stick to the topic.

"I am on topic, Sir," I reminded him. "Are you telling me that the people who had good things to say about McKay were on topic but somehow I'm not because I have bad things to say?"

Insane. What's even better (worse) is that after I had reminded him of our past tussles over this subject (I still have the emails and they are posted on this blog a year ago) he had the nerve to ask me if I had basis for what I was alleging and if it was in the record, and I told him "Oh, yah, Sir, you've had that information for a long time and I sent it to all of the Committee members so you should be able to produce it if your constituents should ask for it."

What a trip. Watch for the audio soon; I've ordered it.

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