08 February 2009

NH AG Kelly Ayotte tells KingCast the investigation into the dumb-assed police who shot each other at the Concord Credit Union is complete.

February 6, 2009

Dear Mr. King:

Please be advised that this office concluded its investigation into the May 1, 2008 Concord Police Officer Shooting on January 12, 2009. In response to your 91-A request for copies..... the state will need at least ninety (90) days to respond to your request.....

Very truly yours,

Susan G. Morrell/NHAAG
Two things: Why get three weeks grace period from the time they concluded the damn investigation to the time they tell me about it, which in effect gives them like 120 days. Also, how come they could conclude this case but the Michael Paulhus case from 2004 is allegedly still open. I just got me some new Paulhus documents on Friday, will share sometime this week.

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