18 February 2009

KingCast to Officers, to Bruce McKay and Sharon Davis: I am sorry for your loss but I must roll my eyes at the notion of SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway II

Update: Look at the letter I wrote Senator Letourneau last June. No wonder he went to cut me off, he knew that I knew he's making an unprincipled argument. I opened my comments at last week's Senate Hearing on SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway by stating that as a former AAG and someone who worked on pending legislation in Massachusetts, I am sorry for the loss of a brother, a son and a fiance -- but that is not going to make me temper my comments about this legislation.

At which point I was rudely interrupted -- repeatedly -- by Transportation Chair Robert Letourneau. But that's OK. Ryan is preparing his transcript notes, and Jessica, who was out sick this week, will be finishing the audio transcript next week, and I will go on ahead and put it on YouTube and right here so y'all can hear it loud and clear. The sound of a Patriot facing Stateside oppression, as noted.


Christopher King said...

When I left the hearing I turned and looked Sharon Davis squarely in the eye and said

"I am sorry for your loss."

She declined my hand, but she looked at me and she knew I meant it.

Of course she also knows that I mean everything else I say.

No one ever said that life -- or death -- would be easy.

For the McKays or for the Kenneys.


Anonymous said...

Sharon Davis McKay knew your comment "I am sorry for your loss" was totally meaningless, and lacked any compassion or sincerity. She does however know exactly what type of man you are.

Christopher King said...

I am sorry for her loss even though I don't dig Bruce McKay or much of anything he stood for. I'm a complex enough man to recognize that she has a different set of realities going on than his North Country victims.

I am the type of man who is respected by responsible LE, that's that type of man I am.

I'll be lecturing at Bridgwater College tomorrow you ass hat.

Take a look.

Later hater.

Anonymous said...

one of those cops should have met you ouitside and ripped your bald ugly head off..

Christopher King said...


Well, they're too busy administering beat downs to everybody else, and settling the lawsuits and such.

-The KingCaster.