09 February 2009

KingCast sees dumb-assed NH AG Kelly Ayotte fail to follow Right-to-Know laws (again) this time on ethics reporting.

Remember the John Lynch Integrity Pledge, what a joke that was. And remember how Kelly never saw to it that a 2006 Commission Report on the Right-to-Know laws was conducted as required by Law? Remember the DWI failures to report? And remember Kelly Ayotte's real legacy (including IMO the Deviations from Protocol in the murder of Liko Kenney, Unconstitutional DNA reporting violations and a boner on same-sex marriage laws) regardless of her "Citizen of the Year" BS award by the BS Union Leader she probably paid off.

We all know that Judge Timothy Vaughn let her sorry ass off the hook for multiple violations of RSA 91-A in the KingCast v. McLeod litigation because by her story, Bruce McKay must have fired his gun on 5/11 so the Peter Heed Deadly Force Protocol should have been followed and there should have been some lab results that would show the proximity of the shooters at all points in time. Don't worry that will pop up this summer as a Petition for Original Jurisdiction in the High Court after Casey Sherman's book is released. And we all know that Kelly is full of dookie when she says there is still some sort of active investigation going on with the 2004 Michael Paulhus shooting, even as the 2008 dumb-assed cop shooting at a Concord Credit Union is completed.

But to make matters worse, and to demonstrate the truly feckless nature of her professional existence, now we see that she hasn't complied with Right-to-Know reporting on New Hampshire Ethics. Read the AP Story.
The New Hampshire Sunday News reviewed how the state has handled the major ethics reform legislation that Gov. John Lynch championed during his first campaign and which took effect in June 2006. It found that although more than 2,000 candidates, public employees and elected and appointed officials are submitting financial disclosure forms to the secretary of state's office, the forms haven't been uploaded to the Internet for public inspection as the law requires.

The attorney general's office also hasn't examined the documents or made sure all who are required to file have done so. Attorney General Kelly Ayotte says her office plans to do so as soon as possible.

"It's not that it's not a priority; it's the next set of reports we're going to review," Ayotte said........

Ayotte's office is required to examine each disclosure form and make sure all who are required to file them do so. The secretary of state's office, meanwhile, was supposed to post the forms online "as soon as is practical."

Time for another KingCast Motion for Declaratory Judgment, hahahahahaha.......

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