20 February 2009

KingCast sees hateful, dumb-assed NH AG Kelly Ayotte stalling on production of Unconstitutional Juvenile DNA reporting report.

Just a few days ago we saw how hateful, dumb-assed NH AG Kelly Ayotte was (again) violating RSA 91-A on ethics reporting. And we saw how she bought more time before providing the documents about the dumb-assed, irresponsible LE who shot each other at the Concord credit union where they had no authority to be in the first place.

But remember the DNA reporting issue as noted in the Kelly Ayotte legacy post? Yah, don't look now, but.... it's.... baaaaaack. Remember how there was supposed to be a formal opinion, and remember how I had asked Kelly for a simple copy of the offending form involved in the lawsuit that Judge Timothy Vaughn Unconstitutionally threw out without a hearing? Well here's an email I received yesterday, read it and weep Kelly because I'm coming after you again. And frankly, I don't care if I "lose" because it will just be another record of how bad NH Justice really is.
I called AAG Michael Brown last week, who has been assigned that task to inquire as to when the opinion would be forthcoming and was advised that he was unsure that I was entitled to that info, or the opinion itself, because it concerned his "client" [the State]. He stated further that the decision regarding whether or not the "opinion" would be available to the public is, none other than, Kelly's ! I then asked him if he thought there was an inherent conflict of interest in this process, to which he replied that because the civil division is a different division in the AG's office, there's no conflict.

Perhaps you can follow that rationale, because I sure can't. Maybe this would be another good basis for a 91-A Right to Know request.

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