02 February 2009

KingCast reminder about lying, deceitful bad apple Martha McLeod's HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway bill.

One year ago almost to the day the citizens of New Hampshire, by and through their elected officials, soundly rejected HB 1428 Bruce McKay highway, set forth by a bad apple nitwit deceitful legislator Martha McLeod, who is now out of a job, thank goodness.

Martha, do you and your buddy Robert Letourneau actually think that folks in Franconia/North Country are going to allow you to cram this same ill-conceived bill down their collective throats this year? You've got another thing coming, sister. Better run off and hide, go ahead now, SCAT!

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Christopher King said...

I don't have permission to print this individual's name from my email tip jar.



Hello Chris,

First, I agree with all your comments regarding the horrible incident of two summers ago. I had a personal confrontation with that miserable excuse for an LE, and it is forever etched in my psyche... Truth be told; it was a simple notice that he was given by our dunderhead selectmen to deliver and it exponentially blew up to a point where I didn't know for sure if I was going to punch him in the mouth or he was going to draw his weapon! I threw him off my property and told him to never set foot on it again, or any of my properties, for that matter.

Anyway, I am also in full agreement regarding this testimonial highway in his name. If Martha McLeod is a nitwit, and she is, Rich is much dumber and more dangerous than she. Ever the well-connected liberal, he is still fully employed as our illustrious Governor's (another nitwit) errand boy to the North Country. Philosophically, he is rife with contradiction and corruption in every conceivable way. Which ever way the political wind blows on a given day, it will fill his spinnaker on a dead run. In short, he is a very stupid, dangerous man. He needs to be deposed in the same way Martha was unseated. But alas, Rich will probably be appointed U.S. Senator by Governor Lynch to replace Gregg when he is appointed to the cabinet position... not that far-fetched, eh?

Additionally, Rich has taken up the banner for this highway in the form of an article in our local (The Littleton Courier) newspaper's latest issue in which he endorses the honor. I'm surprised that the sign at the top of Route 18 - right at the scenic parking area opposite Cannon Mountain - was placed in McKay's honor without approval. I never saw anything in the newspapers or any media that hinted at that issue - the placement of that sign.

You're completely accurate when you talk about how dangerous all of this mentality is for our beloved State of New Hampshire. I remember when this state had a distinctive brand of intelligence and good manner. Many years ago, you would never have heard of such trashy behavior by any of our elected officials, and LE was respected then. I know times have changed, but I moved here forty years ago from another state where things were very much the same then that New Hampshire is now. Sad...

I am outraged that the McLeods et al are allowed to bring their form of wholesale middle-class mediocrity and literal tyranny to this lovely state, and we all should finally put a stop to it. I am with you in spirit, and if needed, in deed as well. BTW, what happened to your open blog?? I think the requirement to register could kill comment, and I know you have to fund the site somehow, but it's too bad people can't freely weigh-in on this subject...

Thanks for your listening and everything that you do...