13 February 2009

KingCast presents the worthless politician of the day: Franconia's Rich McLeod.

Just sayin'.


Christopher King said...

Life is grand. We had a break in the action down South, which lined up perfectly with this hearing.

So glad I could make it :)

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

The KingCast vintage BMW 535i handled the drive with aplomb, but boy it does not like the salty roads up here. This may be the first time it's ever seen salt, now I know why folks don't drive these cars up here during the winter, or why the ones they do drive up here are pretty much beaters.


So as I was leaving the Statehouse I saw Rich McLeod and some other ill-informed Franconia local who were walking with each other, in apparent amazement that anybody could have a problem with a rogue cop like Bruce McKay getting a road named after him.

I rolled my window down and waved.

"Yeah, it's got a hemi in it," I started to say!


-The KingCaster.