09 February 2009

KingCast asks, "Why is Maura Murray still missing after five (5) long years?"

Five long years to the day. As Trooper Todd Landry has noted, perhaps if we knew who telephoned her Sprint PCS phone that night we could have some better clues.

Here's the Caledonian Record review.

Murray's family said Smith told them he thought the driver of the Saturn was Murray's father, to whom the car was registered. Mysterious to them, though, is why Smith asked neighbors, the night of the crash, "Where is the girl?"

Since 2004 Murray has wanted FBI involvement to address the mysteries of the case......

"Evidently, they had not done anything," he said. "My first question was, 'You had an officer at the scene. What did your guy say?' Five years later I have the same question. He was the best chance Maura had. Why can't they say?"......

Murray said when he asked New Hampshire State Police Troop F commander, Lt. John Scarinza, what his trooper had done, Scarinza looked down at his feet and said nothing.

"He said zero," Murray said. "To this day, they have not said what he did. The only guy who can pull her bacon out of the fire, he didn't do it. I want the state police to tell me what happened Feb. 9, 2004. I want to go back to square one. When they did not answer my question - 'What did your guy do?' - my heart sank."

During the last five years, Murray fought all the way to the New Hampshire Supreme Court to have the accident records released. The court ruled in the attorney general's favor not to release the information.

[KingCast note: No surprise there, Court in NH will go for the AG 99% of the time even if it means just throwing a case out without hearing it, including cases where one can show clear cut deviations from protocol with the AG's office where certain information should be assembled per the Peter Heed Deadly Force Protocol, or when public officials say that their emails are not public record, which is total bullshit. Ask me how I know this.]

"The judge asked the assistant attorney general what was the percentage of bringing charges, and he [Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Strelzin] rolls his eyes, looks at the floor and then says, '75 percent.' He pulled it out of his back pocket," Murray said.

"My question now to the [assistant] AG is, what is 75 percent of nothing? You said 75 percent two years ago. You made that up. Nothing has happened," he said.

Strelzin did not return several telephone calls last week; Scarinza was unavailable for comment; and Haverhill police are referring any questions about Maura's disappearance to state police.

[KingCast note: Jeffrey Strelzin and Kelly Ayotte are both snakes in the grass and cannot and must not ever be trusted].

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