26 February 2009

KingCast presents: Kid glove treatment for Kelly Ayotte's heroes Gregory Floyd and Fred Hoysradt.

And just when I was going to spark up the Bimmer and go for a ride...... and despite the hard core explicit warnings to Defendant Floyd that there would be no more continuances in the imposition of sentence case at Grafton Superior Court...
"This smacks of an 11th-hour attempt to delay this," Bornstein said, noting that 11 witnesses had been called to testify at the hearing. "I am ordering you to pay for the state's witness fees ... you will be responsible for paying those fees in 14 days."

.....guess what just happened?

He got a continuance. Now as to Floyd and Hoysradt, read the update in this post. Wonder if Floyd paid the witness fees from the last scheduled hearing. I'll have to send some KingCast affiliates out to check on that. It's All Good, the dance can't continue forever, much as Kelly Ayotte would want it to. Here's a nice dance with the bailiff as Floyd was trying to get me to dance with him, he figured he could beckon me with that cane or something :)

To a bunch of braying jackasses: This is not a forgery. The Floyds signed the "Say no to SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway II" Petition.

Some jackasses at a stupid community website that I check every couple of months accused me of forging these names. Which proves that while I don't really give a damn about them, these pathetic sapsuckers sure are fascinated with me because this is the only place that these signatures have been posted so they read Chris King's 1st Amendment Page assiduously. What these jackasses don't know, however, is that this list was emailed to me directly from the Franconia business center via Pam Yarosh. Anyway, that having been duly noted for the record, tomorrow's hearing on Floyd's sentence imposition should be interesting.

UPDATE: No, it won't. Despite the explicit warnings from the Court that there would be no further delays, there has been a continuance. Funny, I just called the clerk as a matter of course because I was about to fire up the Bimmer and head north, given, you know, the explicit warnings of the court..... instead I'll be calling back to find out if and when the matter is ever going to be heard. Wonder If NH AG Kelly Ayotte had anything to do with the delay. It would be bad to see her "hero" go down on the heels of her kid glove treatment of Fred Hoysradt, that dirtbag cop who assaulted the female reporter, yah.

25 February 2009

NH AG Kelly Ayotte gives Fred Hoysradt -- another abusive, dangerous cop -- a get out of jail free pass.

Just as I've said, Kelly Ayotte is the Devil incarnate. Here's today's Union Leader story, you know the paper that gave her the "Citizen of the Year" award. What a joke. Visit New Hampshire.... and die!

PORTSMOUTH – Investigators initially pursued a handful of charges, including sexual assault, against a former police captain who allegedly attacked a reporter for The Portsmouth Herald before the state Attorney Generals Office settled on a deal for a single misdemeanor with no jail time, according to files released yesterday.

Fred Hoysradt, 47, of Barrington pleaded no contest this month to misdemeanor simple assault for an incident in the home of crime reporter Elizabeth Dinan in July 2008. He was fined $1,200.

A state police trooper who investigated the incident recommended five charges, including three misdemeanor simple assaults, one misdemeanor sexual assault and one misdemeanor criminal trespassing.

Here's what Jay from Concord has to say, and it ties in directly with what I've been saying for years:
No one should be surprised that he only got a slap on the wrist for something any citizen would be jailed for. Under this AG Cops have license to threaten (State Police), assault (Salisbury Chief), drive drunk (Hooksett Cop), endanger people in Court (Court Officer who shot himself in Court with a unauthorized gun, shoot each other playing Cops and robbers in a ban (Concord Sgt.). Now sexual assault is ok too. When will this end?
- Jay, Concord

Small wonder you got kids like Liko Kenney scared shitless from these cops, and the more Kelly plays this game the more likely they are to die in the "line of duty" whatever that is. As a former AAG, I gotta say, she is the pits, the absolute worst AG on Civil Rights you will ever see.

Here is Kelly Ayotte's legacy, and here's the latest on the mentally handicapped children being abused under her watchful eye.

PS: Here is the dumb-bunny comment of the year at the UL story:

Hey all of you cop bashers....
Might I remind you that it was a COP (State Trooper) who investigated the case and recommended FIVE separate charges!!!

So much for your "take care of their own" argument.
- Mark, Bedford

KingCast says, Dear Mark: As a former AAG I am not a cop basher. I am into responsible LE, which Kelly Ayotte.... is not. She disregarded the FIVE separate charges, so she is the one "taking care of her own," you tool. And look at the Paulhus case, fool. We know there are tons of Good LE out there, but the scary thing is that the fish rots at the head, and that head has a name: Kelly Ayotte.

24 February 2009

NH Disabilities Rights Center claims child abuse under John Lynch/Kelly Ayotte administrations.

Why am I not surprised at the accusations at the brand-spanking (sorry) new Sununu Youth Services Center, given Kelly Ayotte's proven track record seen linked in the Unconstitutional DNA Reporting update post. Here's the Concord Monitor Story.
Gary Smith, president of the State Employees' Association, said both Health and Human Services and the attorney general had investigated the claims of abuse. All the workers involved, Smith said, were exonerated.

"They found no wrongdoing," Smith said. "These are not two organizations that take these matters lightly or would be prone to covering things up. We stand behind what the outcome was."

Those investigations were insufficient, according to the Disabilities Rights Center. Documentation was scarce, the report said, and many required forms were incomplete, missing or difficult to obtain. The report also expressed concern about a lack of oversight at the youth center.....

The youth center's practices, the report found, are outdated, are harmful to children and don't employ best practices for dealing with people with mental illnesses.

"There are some really good standards out there that require that the center take a more treatment-based, rehabilitative approach versus the more punitive approach they seem to be taking," Cohen said.

When the investigation began last June, Cohen was concerned about the boy's well-being, but those worries soon broadened. Between 68 percent and 80 percent of children served by New Hampshire's juvenile justice system are diagnosed with mental illness. The staff members who interact with them on a daily basis, Cohen said, may not be equipped to deal with the complexities of their conditions.....

During one restraint that July, the report said, J.D.'s elbow was fractured, although he didn't receive proper medical care in part because the X-ray machine was broken. According to the report, this wasn't the first time J.D. was hurt while at the youth center. That May, he was examined for head and hand injuries, although it's unclear how they occurred.

With NH AG Kelly Ayotte at the helm, no one is safe.

22 February 2009

Robert Letourneau and other petty politicians make me laugh.

As if I'm going to be intimidated by his bullying on SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway II when I'm not intimidated in the least to stand up and point blank ask a question to Senator Joe Biden, the man I knew would be Vice President of the United States, duh.

KingCast presents: A busy week for Gregory Floyd and family, and three more reasons to table SB 154.

Remember from the Sunday go-to-meeting post that Gregory W. Floyd could get sent away for a while, based on the events coming this week, to wit:

Gregory W. Floyd’s Grafton County Criminal Court schedule for February, 2009.

1. Resisting Arrest, etc./April 2008 outburst:
23 February 2009, 9:00 final pre trial.
2 March, Jury selection
9 March, Trial week

2. Imposition of Sentence/1998 Assault Convictions:
27 February 2009, 1:30 full hearing


Now then, regarding the nasty little transcript that's coming soon from the SB 154 hearing where Senator Robert LeTourneau (as Transportation Chair and well aware of how wrong he is) unlawfully and unreasonably tried to truncate my First Amendment Rights, I'll note that Gregory P. Floyd and Michelle Floyd BOTH signed the "say no to SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway Bill II" Petition. I further know Senator Letourneau is damn well aware of that because I saw Mickey DeRham hand the documents to the Committee Secretary, who is also preparing the audio transcript I will soon post online.

Time for me to ping the ATF's Roy Chabra, Esq. again on Gregory Floyd and 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) weapon under a disability. Also, If the family of the guy who purportedly acted to help Bruce McKay (as opposed to acting to murder Liko Kenney, IMO) says "don't do it" then dammit DON'T DO IT.

20 February 2009

Franconia residents should follow Atkinson's lead and sue Chief Montminy as he allowed Bruce McKay to "intimidate, humiliate and oppress" residents.

I have long since (13 May 2008) said the folks in Franconia should give Mark Montminy the heave-ho, as voters did to Lyndeborough's Chief Basinas. Look in the files for any investigation or response regarding the valid complaints leveled against Bruce McKay and you won't find a damn thing. Not even for the complaint where Ms. B alleged that McKay "terrorized" her and stuck that non police-spec "penis-shaped knife" near her privates without privilege or legal reason. Even in McKay's death Kelly Ayotte and Franconia Chief Mark Montminy failed to conduct any investigation or to issue any report about the 7 or 8 policy violations he committed that directly and not unforeseeably led to his death.

Then look at today's Union Leader Story and see what the residents in Brentwood/Atkinson are doing; I'll post the entire story in the comments because you know how the UL makes you pay for it when it "expires" on their website.
While many of the allegations were fired at Consentino, the suit also accuses him, the current and former selectmen, and the town's moderator of engaging in an "organized conspiracy" to "intimidate, humiliate and oppress" residents who oppose decisions made by the chief and local government.

The suit was filed in Rockingham County Superior Court by Concord attorney Charles G. Douglas III and seeks unspecified monetary damages.....

KingCast sees hateful, dumb-assed NH AG Kelly Ayotte stalling on production of Unconstitutional Juvenile DNA reporting report.

Just a few days ago we saw how hateful, dumb-assed NH AG Kelly Ayotte was (again) violating RSA 91-A on ethics reporting. And we saw how she bought more time before providing the documents about the dumb-assed, irresponsible LE who shot each other at the Concord credit union where they had no authority to be in the first place.

But remember the DNA reporting issue as noted in the Kelly Ayotte legacy post? Yah, don't look now, but.... it's.... baaaaaack. Remember how there was supposed to be a formal opinion, and remember how I had asked Kelly for a simple copy of the offending form involved in the lawsuit that Judge Timothy Vaughn Unconstitutionally threw out without a hearing? Well here's an email I received yesterday, read it and weep Kelly because I'm coming after you again. And frankly, I don't care if I "lose" because it will just be another record of how bad NH Justice really is.
I called AAG Michael Brown last week, who has been assigned that task to inquire as to when the opinion would be forthcoming and was advised that he was unsure that I was entitled to that info, or the opinion itself, because it concerned his "client" [the State]. He stated further that the decision regarding whether or not the "opinion" would be available to the public is, none other than, Kelly's ! I then asked him if he thought there was an inherent conflict of interest in this process, to which he replied that because the civil division is a different division in the AG's office, there's no conflict.

Perhaps you can follow that rationale, because I sure can't. Maybe this would be another good basis for a 91-A Right to Know request.

18 February 2009

KingCast to Officers, to Bruce McKay and Sharon Davis: I am sorry for your loss but I must roll my eyes at the notion of SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway II

Update: Look at the letter I wrote Senator Letourneau last June. No wonder he went to cut me off, he knew that I knew he's making an unprincipled argument. I opened my comments at last week's Senate Hearing on SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway by stating that as a former AAG and someone who worked on pending legislation in Massachusetts, I am sorry for the loss of a brother, a son and a fiance -- but that is not going to make me temper my comments about this legislation.

At which point I was rudely interrupted -- repeatedly -- by Transportation Chair Robert Letourneau. But that's OK. Ryan is preparing his transcript notes, and Jessica, who was out sick this week, will be finishing the audio transcript next week, and I will go on ahead and put it on YouTube and right here so y'all can hear it loud and clear. The sound of a Patriot facing Stateside oppression, as noted.

17 February 2009

KingCast says Boston and Nashua Mayor's races prove that enjoyment of the First Amendment and Right to Know Laws require eternal vigilance.

You can always tell if a candidate truly is a man or woman "of the people" by one thing and one thing only: Their stance on Right-to-Know. It is the best litmus test available because it transcends all political affiliations. I can sooner work with a Republican with a record for transparency than I can a Democrat without one. That's why Massachusetts Senator Bruce Tarr has developed my draft legislation and forwarded it to the floor in January of this year regarding "Robert Taylor's Law" to protect people like Robert Taylor, who died in the tragic Gloucester fire of last year.

That's why Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter awarded me a Mayoral Commendation for my Right-to-Know efforts.

Which brings me to today's topic: Public officials who conduct operations under the cloak of secrecy.

Two years ago to the day,
the Nashua Telegraph editorial "City Board's Reversal Common Sense Move," celebrated the First Amendment victory secured when I threatened to sue over a Prior Restraint on First Amendment Free Speech where parents and the community basically couldn't complain to a public board about any personnel issues. CONCLUSION: The school board has done the right thing and this should be a first step in reframing how the board deals with the public.

One year ago the Nashua Telegraph sued the Aldermen after they violated the Right-to-Know Law, RSA 91-A, and KingCast was at the court hearing with Alderman Fred Teeboom to issue this report where I accurately predicted the outcome.

One year ago Boston Mayoral candidate Kevin McCrea prevailed in a lawsuit McCrea et al. v. Flaherty 71 Mass.App.Ct. 637, 885 N.E.2d 836 Mass.App.Ct.,2008 against Boston city counselors who were running around and hiding information from the public, even scheduling appearance in rotation to avoid having a quorum:
[10] Headnote Citing References (d) The “rotating quorum” argument. To provide guidance on remand, we address the defendants' assertion at oral argument that a system of rotating participation in the consideration of an issue is a legitimate device to avoid the requirement of G.L. c. 39, § 23B, second par., that “[n]o quorum of a governmental body shall meet in private for the purpose of deciding on or deliberating toward a decision on any matter....” On several occasions FN15 the council allegedly posted a guard from the BRA at the door of a private meeting room to maintain a careful headcount and ensure that only a minority of councillors, albeit a rotating minority, were physically in each others' presence at any one moment, despite the fact that the council had been previously ordered to abandon this practice by a judge of the Superior Court. Shannon v. Boston City Council, Suffolk Superior Court, No. 87-5397 (Feb. 2, 1989). Moreover, the council agreed to submit to the continuing jurisdiction of the Superior Court with respect to that order.FN16

*652 Conclusion. We affirm the denial of the defendants' motion for summary judgment and the grant of summary judgment to the plaintiffs as to the January 20, 2005, violation, and the failure of the December 15, 2004, meeting to “cure” any earlier violations. We also affirm the denial of the defendants' motion for summary judgment as to the alleged violations of January 13, February 17, and March 24, 2005.


We see in Nashua by last week's editorial "City Leaders Wrong on RTK law change," that Nashua has actually introduced legislation (HB 379) to
"allow the Aldermen to do exactly what Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge William Groff ruled they couldn't do just nine months ago."

And flash forward today and we see plenty of evidence of backsliding. The current Mayoral candidates, including Sam Yoon and Michael Flaherty are just more of the same. McCrea runs his own construction business, has philosophy background and asks a lot of intelligent questions of his apparent rivals and of Mayor Menino, and if you follow McCrea's blog, you'll see that none of them respond to him. Flaherty has just recently admitted being wrong.

But the more people who get a chance to meet McCrea will see something decidedly different about him and his approach, and then you'll agree that open government is the only government.

11 February 2009

NH Senate Transportation Chair Robert Letourneau tried to silence KingCast criticism of Bruce McKay at today's SB 154 hearing.

I started out by recognizing the loss of a brother (for the LE who were there), son and fiance (Bruce McKay's father and fiancee Sharon Davis were present; I sat next to them), but as I turned to get into the meat of my testimony, Senator Letourneau's conduct was so ridiculous, the moment I started into anything negative he was all over me, cautioning me to stick to the topic.

"I am on topic, Sir," I reminded him. "Are you telling me that the people who had good things to say about McKay were on topic but somehow I'm not because I have bad things to say?"

Insane. What's even better (worse) is that after I had reminded him of our past tussles over this subject (I still have the emails and they are posted on this blog a year ago) he had the nerve to ask me if I had basis for what I was alleging and if it was in the record, and I told him "Oh, yah, Sir, you've had that information for a long time and I sent it to all of the Committee members so you should be able to produce it if your constituents should ask for it."

What a trip. Watch for the audio soon; I've ordered it.

09 February 2009

KingCast asks, "Why is Maura Murray still missing after five (5) long years?"

Five long years to the day. As Trooper Todd Landry has noted, perhaps if we knew who telephoned her Sprint PCS phone that night we could have some better clues.

Here's the Caledonian Record review.

Murray's family said Smith told them he thought the driver of the Saturn was Murray's father, to whom the car was registered. Mysterious to them, though, is why Smith asked neighbors, the night of the crash, "Where is the girl?"

Since 2004 Murray has wanted FBI involvement to address the mysteries of the case......

"Evidently, they had not done anything," he said. "My first question was, 'You had an officer at the scene. What did your guy say?' Five years later I have the same question. He was the best chance Maura had. Why can't they say?"......

Murray said when he asked New Hampshire State Police Troop F commander, Lt. John Scarinza, what his trooper had done, Scarinza looked down at his feet and said nothing.

"He said zero," Murray said. "To this day, they have not said what he did. The only guy who can pull her bacon out of the fire, he didn't do it. I want the state police to tell me what happened Feb. 9, 2004. I want to go back to square one. When they did not answer my question - 'What did your guy do?' - my heart sank."

During the last five years, Murray fought all the way to the New Hampshire Supreme Court to have the accident records released. The court ruled in the attorney general's favor not to release the information.

[KingCast note: No surprise there, Court in NH will go for the AG 99% of the time even if it means just throwing a case out without hearing it, including cases where one can show clear cut deviations from protocol with the AG's office where certain information should be assembled per the Peter Heed Deadly Force Protocol, or when public officials say that their emails are not public record, which is total bullshit. Ask me how I know this.]

"The judge asked the assistant attorney general what was the percentage of bringing charges, and he [Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Strelzin] rolls his eyes, looks at the floor and then says, '75 percent.' He pulled it out of his back pocket," Murray said.

"My question now to the [assistant] AG is, what is 75 percent of nothing? You said 75 percent two years ago. You made that up. Nothing has happened," he said.

Strelzin did not return several telephone calls last week; Scarinza was unavailable for comment; and Haverhill police are referring any questions about Maura's disappearance to state police.

[KingCast note: Jeffrey Strelzin and Kelly Ayotte are both snakes in the grass and cannot and must not ever be trusted].

KingCast sees dumb-assed NH AG Kelly Ayotte fail to follow Right-to-Know laws (again) this time on ethics reporting.

Remember the John Lynch Integrity Pledge, what a joke that was. And remember how Kelly never saw to it that a 2006 Commission Report on the Right-to-Know laws was conducted as required by Law? Remember the DWI failures to report? And remember Kelly Ayotte's real legacy (including IMO the Deviations from Protocol in the murder of Liko Kenney, Unconstitutional DNA reporting violations and a boner on same-sex marriage laws) regardless of her "Citizen of the Year" BS award by the BS Union Leader she probably paid off.

We all know that Judge Timothy Vaughn let her sorry ass off the hook for multiple violations of RSA 91-A in the KingCast v. McLeod litigation because by her story, Bruce McKay must have fired his gun on 5/11 so the Peter Heed Deadly Force Protocol should have been followed and there should have been some lab results that would show the proximity of the shooters at all points in time. Don't worry that will pop up this summer as a Petition for Original Jurisdiction in the High Court after Casey Sherman's book is released. And we all know that Kelly is full of dookie when she says there is still some sort of active investigation going on with the 2004 Michael Paulhus shooting, even as the 2008 dumb-assed cop shooting at a Concord Credit Union is completed.

But to make matters worse, and to demonstrate the truly feckless nature of her professional existence, now we see that she hasn't complied with Right-to-Know reporting on New Hampshire Ethics. Read the AP Story.
The New Hampshire Sunday News reviewed how the state has handled the major ethics reform legislation that Gov. John Lynch championed during his first campaign and which took effect in June 2006. It found that although more than 2,000 candidates, public employees and elected and appointed officials are submitting financial disclosure forms to the secretary of state's office, the forms haven't been uploaded to the Internet for public inspection as the law requires.

The attorney general's office also hasn't examined the documents or made sure all who are required to file have done so. Attorney General Kelly Ayotte says her office plans to do so as soon as possible.

"It's not that it's not a priority; it's the next set of reports we're going to review," Ayotte said........

Ayotte's office is required to examine each disclosure form and make sure all who are required to file them do so. The secretary of state's office, meanwhile, was supposed to post the forms online "as soon as is practical."

Time for another KingCast Motion for Declaratory Judgment, hahahahahaha.......

08 February 2009

NH AG Kelly Ayotte tells KingCast the investigation into the dumb-assed police who shot each other at the Concord Credit Union is complete.

February 6, 2009

Dear Mr. King:

Please be advised that this office concluded its investigation into the May 1, 2008 Concord Police Officer Shooting on January 12, 2009. In response to your 91-A request for copies..... the state will need at least ninety (90) days to respond to your request.....

Very truly yours,

Susan G. Morrell/NHAAG
Two things: Why get three weeks grace period from the time they concluded the damn investigation to the time they tell me about it, which in effect gives them like 120 days. Also, how come they could conclude this case but the Michael Paulhus case from 2004 is allegedly still open. I just got me some new Paulhus documents on Friday, will share sometime this week.

Dumb-assed D'Allesandro SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway bill set for hearing Wed. 10:50 a.m.

I heard it's on for 10:30 Wed. so everybody call up and find out, show up and tell them this is the wrong bill at the wrong time, and there will never be a right time, as noted a year ago with that dumb-assed HB 1428 Martha McLeod Bruce McKay Highway.

Here it is, 10:50 a.m.

06 February 2009

KingCast says "Happy Birthday Robert Nestor Marley!"

THIS IS A REPEAT POST ORIGINALLY FROM 2 APRIL 2007. Thanks for being you, and thanks for inspiring me and countless others Bob.
Okay, so first we had the New Hampshire First Amendment free speech Trifecta won by NH Alderman President David Rootovich as noted herein, and now we have the New Hampshire Reggae Trifecta, won by illustrator Steve McGarry and his recent Bob Marley Edutainment (see also "BDP") piece. Here are the first three related reggae links involving Marley, Skankland, Jah Spirit in Nashua, Toots and the Maytals and tennis legend John McEnroe.

To be certain, Mr. McGarry's sketch is topical but how deep can you get with any short cartoon, and with any luck it encourages readers to learn more about people like Bob Marley, and to delve deeper into Reggae for more reasons than readily meet the eye. Survival was Bob at his best:

KingCast observes the final NH House Calendar on failed HB 1428 vis a vis SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway: "Wait until the community wants it."

Hey Senators D'Allesandro and Letourneau: Straight from the horse's mouth, get yourself a taste of this here sugar cube:

HB 1428, naming a portion of the Franconia Notch Parkway after Corporal Bruce McKay.
The committee unanimously supports that when the local communities feel that the time is right, an appropriate section of state highway should be dedicated to the fallen police officer, Corporal Bruce McKay. Vote 15-0.

Like, what, did they stammer? Do you understand the words that were coming out of their mouths?

KingCast: Working on Robert Taylor's Law legislation (introduced in January '09) with Senator Bruce Tarr, and here to help see to it that the will of the people is exercised and followed, at least some of the time. Ask Izzy Figueroa.

05 February 2009

Gregory P. Floyd and Michelle Floyd smarten up and sign the anti-Route 18 SB 154 Bruce McKay highway Petition.

I am looking at one of the actual Petitions right now and the names Gregory P. Floyd and Michelle Floyd appear on it. Doubtful that anyone would forge their names as some asshat did to Brian Jesseman a year ago when they pretended to be him, in support of Bruce McKay Highway #1.

They prolly discovered how much an jerk Bruce McKay really was, and prolly wish their Daddy and Husband had never lifted a finger to murder Liko Kenney, just my opinion.

03 February 2009

KingCast tells Junior and the Missus: "Git yer Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes ready again, 'cos this time your Man is going down!"

Down, down, down. Kelly's hero is going down.

Gregory W. Floyd’s Grafton County Criminal Court schedule for February, 2009.

1. Resisting Arrest, etc./April 2008 outburst:
23 February 2009, 9:00 final pre trial.
2 March, Jury selection
9 March, Trial week

2. Imposition of Sentence/1998 Assault Convictions:
27 February 2009, 1:30 full hearing

Funny, I remember some folks over at some circle jerk board telling me Floyd was gonna’ make it through all right, no sweat, King you don’t know what you’re talking about when you say Floyd’s going down, blah blah blah, blah blah blah……

KingCast: Proving riff-raff wrong and exposing American Judicial systems since 1996. Want more, read the comment from the email tip-jar yesterday.

02 February 2009

KingCast reminder about lying, deceitful bad apple Martha McLeod's HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway bill.

One year ago almost to the day the citizens of New Hampshire, by and through their elected officials, soundly rejected HB 1428 Bruce McKay highway, set forth by a bad apple nitwit deceitful legislator Martha McLeod, who is now out of a job, thank goodness.

Martha, do you and your buddy Robert Letourneau actually think that folks in Franconia/North Country are going to allow you to cram this same ill-conceived bill down their collective throats this year? You've got another thing coming, sister. Better run off and hide, go ahead now, SCAT!