23 January 2009

KingCast watches others wake up to the lie that is Gregory W. Floyd and NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

I've got a previous letter from Gregory W. Floyd when he dismissed another attorney, crying the same old sob story. I'll have to JPEG it for y'all over the weekend. I was waiting to post it because I knew he would pull this kind of crap.

Here's the Union Leader story on Floyd's continuance, which the Judge did not take too kindly. Dig these comments from the readers:
"Floyd was cleared in the shooting a day later, after New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte ruled Floyd's shooting of Kenney justified."

Great decision Kelly. Kiss your political career goodbye...
- Jack, Franconia

I can not believe the AG's office could possibly clear a person from a shooting within twenty-four hours.

What is that all about ?????????

Could it be Floyd has some help from the AG's office with all these delays.

I understand the frustration of this Judge and it is about time Floyd be held accountable for all his actions.
- Mary, Littleton

See, knew Floyd was a lying murderer (IMO), especially from the time he lunged at me in the hallway back on 15 April, 2008. The day after both of our respective birthdays, coincidentally.

KingCast related post: Floyd's broken sweetheart deal.

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Christopher King said...

It is with utter disgust that I am writing to you concerning your introduction of this bill coming up
in such short notice, January 30th, 2009.

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING OF? Certainly not the people of this town (Franconia) and surrounding
towns, who have been through this issue before and reacted against any further memorial for
Bruce McKay. This will drive an open wound that will never heal. We had started to quiet down
and get over it and now THIS.

There is already a sign on Rt. 18 that has been there for a long time. That is enough. We do not
need to be constantly reminded of this bully, who terrorized our citizens and especially the youth, resulting in the death of two people needlessly.

We fought this before and we will do it again.

Please consider withdrawing the bill before it does more damage.


[name withheld to prevent unlawful persecution]