22 January 2009

KingCast verifies ugly rumours: Another attempt to name a road after rogue, bully cop Norman Bruce McKay.

Elvis Costello has a song called Five Gears in Reverse, but it might as well be 6 speeds stuck on stupid here in NH:

Y'all might recognize some names on this list of sponsors, most notably Robert LeTourneau. Run a word search on this blog for my exchanges with him last year over the properly-failed Bruce McKay highway.

District 20 Lou D'Allesandro(O)

District 19 Robert Letourneau(O)

2009-S-0852-R naming a certain portion of route 18 in the town of Franconia in
honor of Corporal Bruce McKay.
Sponsors: (Prime) Lou D'Allesandro
Robert J Letourneau
Michael W Downing
Betsi L DeVries
Jeffrey P Goley
Patrick F Garrity
Ronald R Boisvert
Connie M Soucy
Jean L Jeudy

You better recognize that New Hampshire is a funny little state, one that cares not what its inhabitants really think. That's why the lawmakers have the nerve to basically resurrect the same failed bill from I93 and take it on over into town.

Look guys: Bruce McKay was so despicable a cop on so many ways that the public doesn't care that you're now going for a secondary road instead of a highway. They simply don't want Bruce McKay's name on ANY ROAD.

What part of that do you not understand?

See you at public hearing.

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