28 January 2009

KingCast says to lawyer-hopping Gregory W. Floyd: "What-choo talkin' bout, Willis?!?"

Remember how I told you before that I had a copy of Floyd being disgruntled with yet another lawyer, just before he was ordered to pay witness fees last week on yet another continuance as he sh*t-canned yet another lawyer?

Docket #13, to be scanned later today read it and weep:
5-16-08 (filed at 9:55 a.m.)

To the clerk of court. Mr. Robert B Muh I Gregory Willis Floyd respectfully ask the court to assign new counsel as I find Mr. Simon Mayo to not be [split infinitive] aggrissively [sic] and Dilitntly [sic] persueing [sic] my best interest [sic] under the law.

With respect [not much, anyway]
Gregory W. Floyd.

Now Listen up.

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