28 January 2009

KingCast presents GReta's dashing brother, Handsome.

Most of my Bimmers.

Yep. It's a 1985 BMW 535i, not quite mint, but definitely quite badassss. I'm putting the Mark D/EAT chip in next week, so now I just need me some seat dye and I'm good to go!

Old school E28 5 series BMWs rule, much better and classier than that new little 3 series shitwagen that Ditmar Kopf drives.

Harry would agree. I know he loved his E 28 but he crashed it so now he drives a POS SAAB and his son is basically a juvenile delinquent, a pizza stealer and his wife is a Sasquatch. Oh well, that's life. But since I'm a Good Dude I'll let Harry borrow GReta whenever he wants to drive a real car again.

That brother Liko Kenney knew what was up:

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