16 January 2009

KingCast laughs as Judge Vaughn dismisses all claims in Right-to-Know cases of KingCast v. Martha McLeod et al.

Hmmmm..... how can I make all of this go away, contemplates Grafton Superior Court Judge Timothy Vaughn.

You know, New Hampshire is one dirty state. Not like you didn't know that, but just to say. Rather than hear the arguments in this case, the Court just went ahead on 23 December 2008 and dismissed everything. You talk about wanting to cover up a legacy of lies, and here you have it. Emails to and from State Representatives are not discoverable. And Kelly Ayotte never had to adhere to the dictates of the Rules set forth by Peter Heed Deadly Force Protocol when an officer discharges his weapon, and of course we know Bruce McKay had to discharge his weapon because Gregory Floyd couldn't have fired the windshield bullet. This is important because analyses of the clothing -- Liko Kenney's and Bruce McKay's -- could tell us where everyone was when the shootings went down.

But none of that matters, just SHUT IT ON DOWN.

See when the going gets good in New Hampshire, the chances are about 99% that the Court will shut you down before you can get to the Truth, especially against the New Hampshire Attorney General and the Powers-that-be, duh. I win, and the Cause of Justice wins, just by the mere fact that they allowed us -- or were forced to let us -- play the game and to put the Real Facts into the record.

I will file my Notice of Discretionary Appeal to the High Court, which of course will likely rubber-stamp the lower court. Martha and Kelly, don't hold your breath because I'm not filing it right away. I'm going to file it later this year at an appropriate time, it will be a Petition for Original Jurisdiction pursuant to Rule 11.

It will become an integral part of the U.S. House Complaint and all of that will be sent off after Davey and Michele return to Franconia and right around the time that Casey Sherman's book is published.

Which is just fine. They know what they are doing and what they are doing is continuing to poison the legal environment of what is one of the most geographically beautiful states in the Union.

This is not the first time Judge Timothy Vaughn has let NH AG Kelly Ayotte off the hook; he let her and the town of Franconia slide in KingCast v. Ayotte et al, and he was reversed before when Maura Murray's family took him to task on another Right-to-Know case.

PS: On a Good Note, the Court has scheduled dirtbag and multiple felon Gregory W. Floyd to face a hearing on 22 January, 2008 on the Motion to Impose Sentence. Judge Vaughn's Order in that case, while not striking my Amicus Brief in support of Imposition, clearly radiated contempt for the nerve I had to file it in the first place.

Read my lips: The truth is now in the files, for anyone to see.


PS: KingCast YouTube of the year -- Lenny Bruce on "The Truth."


Rich Paul Freeman said...

This particular man in the robe, Timothy J. Vaughan, appears to believe that he can just wave his little pen and have us obediently post his ramblings.

Fuck Timothy J Vaughan!

Anonymous said...

Oh the legend of Timothy Vaughan continues, but how will it end?