21 January 2009

KingCast hears ugly rumours of another stupid attempt to name a road after "bully with a badge" Bruce McKay.

Let's keep the roads in Franconia free from any Stateside imprimatur of police brutality, please. And let's get this straight: The bully quote didn't come from me. It comes from some of Bruce McKays peers. Here then is the substance of an email from a concerned citizen of the Franconia area:

"I don't have any particulars yet but understand that some
rep from down state is going to introduce a new bill to name Rt. 18
out of franconia in honor of Bruce McKay.

Here we go again. I have contacted Rep. Ed Gionet from
N. Woodstock for more info.

Petitions again etc...?

I will fight this with all of my might, just like I did the last time.
The town will never get over it if this comes to pass...
Wonder if Miss Martha is behind this one too....
Will find out.

Will let you know what I hear from Gionet who was
most helpful last time."

Yes, he was helpful.

1 comment:

Christopher King said...

It is with utter disgust that I am writing to you concerning your introduction of this bill coming up
in such short notice, January 30th, 2009.

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING OF? Certainly not the people of this town (Franconia) and surrounding
towns, who have been through this issue before and reacted against any further memorial for
Bruce McKay. This will drive an open wound that will never heal. We had started to quiet down
and get over it and now THIS.

There is already a sign on Rt. 18 that has been there for a long time. That is enough. We do not
need to be constantly reminded of this bully, who terrorized our citizens and especially the youth, resultingin the death of two people needlessly.

We fought this before and we will do it again.

Please consider withdrawing the bill before it does more damage.


[name withheld to prevent unlawful persecution]