23 January 2009

KingCast breathes a sigh of relief as Hooksett has the integrity to fire Ben Beauchemin that NH AG Kelly Ayotte lacks.

Remember when I told some of you knuckleheads in this post that NH AG Kelly Ayotte was a shill for bad policing?

Well finally someone in New Hampshire has actually punished (Union Leader) a cop who does bad things. This is the first cop in NH that I've ever seen disciplined (except for Kelly Ayotte's buddy Martin Dunn trying to wail on Aaron Deboisbriand) and that was all for naught. Maybe -- just maybe -- if Kelly's hero Bruce McKay had been disciplined sometime during his years of abusive activities, he and Liko Kenney would be alive today.

But NH, including Grafton Superior Court Judge Timothy Vaughn, don't get it. They think if they just keep covering up the festering wounds that everything will be okay. It won't. From the UL:
In September, he was found not guilty by a district court judge, who cited insufficient evidence to convict. Judge David LeFrancois said that although Beauchemin's off-duty conduct was not fitting of a police officer, state prosecutors had not definitely proven beyond reasonable doubt that he had been drinking in excess before operating the vehicle.

Now some of y'all told me to stuff it when I disputed that ruling, and you said the Court was right. Fine. Just remember that same judge, David LeFrancois -- is the one who nailed NH AG Kelly Ayotte and the State for violating Constitutional Rights in the DNA reporting snafu.

Boo. Yah. KingCast rules. BTW I'm approaching 2M hits on Google. Run "Chris King 1st Amendment" and see what you get. Folks read this blog and for good reason.

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