28 January 2009

KingCast and Steve Perry present: Bruce McKay Highway, same old song and dance.

Dammit, what part of "NO!" did the legislature not hear one year ago? How many times will they try to ram this caustic crap down the taxpayers' throats? Sing it, Steve, live 1977.



AN ACT naming a certain portion of route 18 in the town of Franconia in honor of Corporal Bruce McKay.

SPONSORS: Sen. D'Allesandro, Dist 20; Sen. Letourneau, Dist 19; Sen. DeVries, Dist 18; Sen. Downing, Dist 22; Rep. P. Garrity, Hills 14; Rep. Goley, Hills 8; Rep. Boisvert, Hills 17; Rep. Jeudy, Hills 10; Rep. C. Soucy, Hills 17

COMMITTEE: Transportation and Interstate Cooperation


This bill names a portion of route 18 in Franconia in honor of Corporal Bruce McKay of the Franconia police department who was killed in the line of duty.


KingCast analysis: This bill should be jettisoned just like the one last year by Martha McLeod, who unlawfully and unethically withheld information on her way out of government for a while. It places government imprimatur on a cop of ill-repute, and on Franconia's failure to adequately train, monitor and supervise him. Also, as noted in this post, Bruce McKay was not really killed "in the line of duty" he was killed on a frolic and detour, during a series of ultra vires acts of corporate, municipal and personal irresponsibility driven out of his hatred for all things Miller-Kenney, violating 7 distinct pursuit and OC spray policies. Kind of like when he tried to give Bode that ticket based on hearsay, only worse.

So that we have a record of everything, make sure to send your correspondence to the individual members of the Transportation and Interstate Cooperation Committee, all sponsors, and to the the chair of the Committee, as we all know Judge Timothy Vaughn threw out the KingCast case against Martha McLeod, rather than deal with the thorny issue of whether individual emails to our elected officials are subject to the Right-to-Know law.

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