10 January 2009

Judge Timothy Vaughn carefully considers KingCast Amicus Brief on U.S. Government's failure to take a stance on Gregory W. Floyd & 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1)

Well he considered it and in a late December Decision I will soon post, he let it stand in the record and did not strike it. He said that the court was without power to command the U.S. Government to take any particular action, but that's fine. The brief stands in the Court record for anyone and everyone to see that the Citizens of North Country have been waiting for a decade to hear the ATF's position on Gregory W. Floyd's request for return of property, i.e. the guns owned by this multiple felon (proved) murderer of Liko Peter Kenney (opinion).

Read the 1998 Docket sheet in State v. Floyd 98-S-242.

Here is the Amicus Brief relative to the conversation below where I told Prosecutor James Vara that he was doing a great job and implored him to prosecute Gregory W. Floyd to the fullest extent of the Law, which is about to happen, at least for some of his recent actions.

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