26 December 2008

Merry Christmas from Franconia: A broken sweetheart deal on multiple felon and dirtbag Gregory W. Floyd, trials going forward.

Sweet (stolen) Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus, Gregory W. Floyd (seen there lunging at Yours Truly with a deadly weapon) will stand trial and sentencing for his most recent criminal activities. The Caledonian Record reported it just today!

"The "global resolution" reached last month in the case of Gregory W. Floyd appears to have fallen apart.

On Nov. 12, defense attorney Bill Christie and New Hampshire Department of Safety prosecutor Bob Gainor agreed to consolidate convictions and umbrella a 1998 assault conviction, a 2008 criminal threatening conviction and later charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and assault under a six-months-to-serve, six-months-deferred plea deal.

Grafton County Assistant Attorney James Vara - who will prosecute all three cases - would not discuss what led to the breakdown in the deal, but did say "we're proceeding forward" with the trials.

On Dec. 15, at Grafton Superior Court, a hearing was held to reimpose Floyd's 10-year-old conviction. On June 22, 1998, Floyd was convicted of attempting to knee New Hampshire State Police trooper Scot E. Bryan in the groin. Floyd was originally sentenced to one to three years in state prison, suspended for 10 years of good behavior, but his subsequent conviction negated that sentence......

......Gainor, who prosecuted at the criminal threatening trial and who had called November's sentencing deal a "last-minute resolution," is likely to assist in the upcoming trials, Vara said.

Christie could not be reached for comment."

KingCast however, can indeed be reached for comment. In fact, I just issued a commentary on the State of Things a few days ago, vis a vis Casey Sherman's forthcoming book. Wonder if the Feds put pressure on this? Or maybe Floyd started acting a fool again and blew everything up. Whatever it is, dammit its about high time this jackass started facing the consequences of his illegal actions, yah.

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KingCast makes a passioned plea to Prosecutor James Vara to prosecute dirtbag Gregory W. Floyd; and it came to pass. The KingCast amicus brief (422 views) thanking NH AG Kelly Ayotte for her fine work in the case of State v. Gibbs, 953 A.2d 439(2008), allowing imposition of outstanding sentancing, right here right now, bubba, is all part of the picture, yah.

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