30 December 2008

KingCast suspends profanity ban long enough to say "Fuck you" to Chip Saltsman and Ken Blackwell.

Here is the story.

Would it be acceptable for a black statesperson to write a song about Dubya' being "the great white hope?"

Hell no.

But that doesn't stop that Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima dirtbag Ken Blackwell (whose son was busted cheating on the bar exam, hahahahaha) from coming to his support.

More on this later. Okay, it's later. Forgot his son also got caught smoking up, and that's pretty hard to do. Stupid jackass, runs in the family.

Way before the Days of Diebold I knew Ken Blackwell and Blacks Against Blackwell (RIP Stephanie Tubbs Jones) I knew he was a tool from the time I met him.

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