22 December 2008

KingCast says the murders of Jeremy Charron and Michael Briggs show that New Hampshire still has racist tendencies.

Oh, yah. White boys with horrible rap sheets like Gordon Perry can kill a cop and the AG's office will cut a deal with 'em. Read more on that right here. Wealthy white boys like John J. Brooks can orchestrate murder for hire and get life. But you let a black man do the crime and you're gonna' get the full measure of the Law, you betcha.'

Another time the AG's office cut a deal with Richard Labbe, the white murderer of Thun Phetakoune, an innocent Asian man and an elder no less.

Which goes to reinforce the fact that black men shouldn't be committing crimes anywhere, much less in New Hampshire. The Good Thing about New Hampshire though, if you are an innocent black man, you can often stand your ground and tell them to go to hell.

I do it every day, con mucho gusto.

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Christopher King said...

Now then, back to Bruce McKay:

His role in apprehending the folks involved in the Charron shooting was really that of a frantic Bob more than anything else.

He posted up on 93 and was going to start shooting out tyres of the pickup truck, even though he was not aware of the magnitude of the alleged crimes committed.

That's crazy.

Anyway they passed him by, and by the time he caught up with them someone else had effectively made the stop.

Then McKay complained that he didn't receive enough medals and stuff.