14 December 2008

KingCast says "It's Bjorn again! Borg-McEnroe take to the Court."

Perhaps the only more notable tennis rivalry in the modern era beyond Connors McEnroe, or McEnroe Lendl, is Borg-McEnroe. All of the rivalries I mentioned occurred at the height of the game in America, which coincided with when I was drawn to the sport as a yute.

Borg has been busy dealing with the ups and downs of the rock-star lifestyle for a while, and at one point even considered selling all of his trophies and all of that, but McEnroe hollered at a brother and Borg thankfully reconsidered. Now he's playing exhibitions with McEnroe, and at 50, these guys still hit the ball something awesome. That's why it's so cool in this video that Mac recognized Borg for taking him under his wing when he started on the tour.

Bonus: Borg at Wimbledon Quarters, circa 1973. Roger Taylor, at match point in the fifth set, actually commands that they play a let after a non call on what would have been his service ace. Wow.

Second Bonus: Borg-Gerulaitis 1980 French Open final. I loved Vitas' game. He didn't have much power but boy did he have wheels, and I loved the way he struck the ball. Much like his buddy McEnroe, he had a lot of precision to his game off the ground, then got to net when he could. RIP my brother.

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