17 December 2008

KingCast says if the facts are as alleged, Lisa Valentine should sue Douglasville Judge Keith Rollins for First Amendment violations.

Lisa Valentine, a Muslim woman, already had an arguable case for not being allowed to wear her hijab in municipal court in the first place based on Religion. But if what her husband Omar Hall says is true, it's a clear cut First Amendment violation on Speech:
Hall said Valentine, an insurance underwriter, told the bailiff that she had been in courtrooms before with the scarf on and that removing it would be a religious violation. When she turned to leave and uttered an expletive, Hall said a bailiff handcuffed her and took her before the judge.

Whoops. She was LEAVING when she was called back. Thing is, you're allowed to tell a cop whatever the hell you want to, though as long as you don't threaten injury or another crime. Ask my buddy Regina Sansalone, in Sansalone v. Ohio, 71 Ohio App.3d 284 (1991). What next, start arresting Jewish men with Yamakas? I bet he wouldn't dare, which makes this case all the more insidious.
That means it was her name-calling that got her arrested and brought before the Judge. That's why they let her go after she was allegedly sentenced to 10 days for Contempt of Court. Lookout.

PS: A tennis streaker and an Islamic woman in back-to-back posts. It's KingCastic.

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