02 December 2008

KingCast says, "Hither, the NAACP?"

Now here's an interesting turn-of-events:

A couple of years ago some tool who goes by the name "Quiet Man" elsewhere in cyberspace, wrote a tongue-in-cheek comment "hither the muse?" with respect to a certain young lady in my life at the time. He then went on to say that "NAACP is going on ahead and still in the game despite your absence as former Southern NH Legal Chair." Well I'm pleased to report that the muse is fine, saw her a coupla' months ago for a stroll through Central Park. And I'm fine, busy working and continuing to address pressing Civil Rights and First Amendment/FOIA/Right-to-Know issues. Hell, I've even got pending legislation to honour Gloucester Fire Victim Robert Taylor pending by and through Massachusetts Senator Bruce Tarr, set for introduction in the New Session. Just traded emails with his office a coupla' weeks ago on that.

Guess who's not fine?

The NAACP. They closed seven (7) regional offices last year and you haven't heard a peep out of them for months.

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