05 December 2008

KingCast respectfully asks, "What the hell will happen with Michael Sullivan's confirmation as ATF director?"

From what he told me before he gave me a hug and promised to prosecute people like multiple felon Gregory W. Floyd, Joe Biden would like to see him in. From a 18 September Boston Globe story, this is the last I heard. Strike that, on 26 September there was this Boston Herald Story saying his confirmation hearing was a mixed bag of treats.
WASHINGTON - U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan fielded some tough questions about gun laws, but he also won praise at a Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday to become director of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Sullivan, a former Republican state legislator and district attorney, was nominated by President Bush for the job in March. He has been acting director of the agency for more than a year.

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