05 December 2008

KingCast presents the "Oopsie-daisy my bad" series #1: Diabetics are in for a shocking day; meanwhile Franconia rationalizes Bruce McKay's behaviours.

Remarkable, isn't it? Here's the video from the El Reno, Oklahoma faux pas. Here's the Democratic Underground forum on it.

Watch the video closely. Doesn't the tape appear to skip, in addition to being edited?

A year ago, the same thing happened in London to a bloke named Nicholas Gaubert. Ironically (or at least coincidentally but more ironically IMHO), Gaubert the son of a magistrate.

On a related note, back here in the Good Ol' U.S. of A, here's what happened to Franconia's Liko Kenney over a damn inspection sticker, before he was murdered (IMNSHO) by a multiple felon so-called "passer by" named Gregory W. Floyd: Bruce McKay violated 8 distinct OC Spray and Pursuit policies before Liko Kenney shot him out of fear.

Here's the really disturbing part: Because "rogue bully behind his badge" Bruce McKay did not entirely incapacitate Liko Kenney with his unlawful use of Tahoe and OC Spray, Franconia will rationalize going to stun guns, so the cops can REALLY knock your ass out over a trifling (yet revenue-generating) ticket. They slipped this notification event past the citizens with minimal fanfare and posting. The locals notified me of it though, yah. It's open season on the petty lawbreakers, no doubt. It's payday Friday. Time to buy some more McKay RSA 91-A materials.


Christopher King said...

Due to an editing error the blawg has moved here, and the comments from that cock-a-roach Sam Colt have been preserved in their entirety:


Hey jacka$$, not getting many hits these days. When your site was open to post anonymously, it was at least entertaining like a freak show or a car accident, you know you shouldn't look but you can't help it.

You should be honest with your numerous readers, lol, there is a big difference between an unlawful use of force and a violating a policy.

You may not be a member of any bar, but if you ever wish to get back into the good graces, you probably should take a complete honest assessment of yourself and start making changes. There is a big difference between 1st amendment rights and putting outright lies on you blog.

By Sam colt, at 3:37 PM

I knew you would wander over here, like a bad penny.

I don't write my blog for hits, fool.

And there are many things in motion that you are on a need-to-know basis on, and I don't deem that you need to know anything.

And what you don't get, is that whether or not I'm a member of the bar, I'm doing just fine, working a good job and still pursuing this and other Civil Rights matters; still a citizen of the United States of America, free to ask questions about my government. And clearly many licensed attorneys agree with me on the Right-to-Know issues involving email, as set forth on numerous occasions and in the Grafton Superior Court, yah.

You jackasses over at Topix are the real freak show =^.)

By Christopher King, at 6:41 PM

PS: Why don't you join your buddies in New York and go rape some petty criminals.

Meanwhile, my hits really haven't dipped too much, it was usually over a couple hundred a day, but still just under couple hundred a day, jackass:

Last week

Hits: 1239
Hosts: 625
Visitors: 739
Sessions: 795

By Christopher King, at 6:47 PM

If hits did not matter you would not keep score, jacka$$. Was it not you who made light about raping a girl on a date. So wouldn't those be your buddies in NYC.

By Sam colt, at 8:21 PM

I only keep score for a reference marker when jackasses like you shoot their mouths off without knowing WTF they're talking about.

No, I have never made light of raping any girl on any date because I have never raped any girl or woman.

Cite the passage that you're talking about, I've seen that sorry-assed attempt to make me a misogynist on prior occasion, it's bullshit and you know it.

What's not bullshit is you calling me a "punk assed bitch" on Topix. Remember that, you tosser?

Get along back to Topix with your punk ass.

-The KingCaster.

By Christopher King, at 1:35 AM

I think the expression was a Little puck ass bitch, and you haven't changed

By Sam colt, at 12:10 PM

Christopher King said...

Ummmm.... Okay Sam, whatever you say, dude.