22 December 2008

Hey KingCast, what's the progress on Casey Sherman's book, and what's going on in Franconia lately?

Well folks are busy gettin' busy at Cannon Mountain, where the snow keeps on coming, no icy trails this time!

And as far as the legal and right-to-know issues are concerned, just waiting for the hearing on Grafton 08-E192 (largely about Martha McLeod's secret emails) and for a new Administration, a new ATF Director and Congress in 2009 so that we can find out exactly what the Federal posture is on multiple felon, criminal threats-issuing, habitual 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violator and murderer of Liko Kenney (IMHO) Gregory W. Floyd. Got a friend in Georgia who may be looking up a few more things about Floyd's illustrious criminal past there, so stay tuned on that as well.

And Davey and Michele inform me that Casey Sherman called them recently, as he is busy doing his thing with his book, working title Bad Blood. Today's Boston Herald reports that he's just put the finishing touches on it and it will enjoy publication in September. Here's a bit about him for those who are not aware:
Casey Sherman made international headlines in 2001 with his re-investigation of the notorious Boston Strangler case. His crusade for the truth was chronicled in his best-selling true crime thriller, A Rose for Mary.

Sherman followed it up with his first novel, the action-packed adventure, Black Irish which also became a best-seller..... Sherman has just finished Finest Hours with co-author Michael Tougias about the US Coast Guard's most daring sea rescue. Finest Hours is slated for release in 2009. Right now Sherman is working on another sequel in the Black Irish series and a true crime thriller called Bad Blood, about a police shooting that has divided a quiet New England town.

Sherman is a contributing editor for Boston Common Magazine and a contributing writer for Boston Magazine. He lives in the Boston area.

While we worked independently on this matter, Mr. Sherman and I (and everyone else with a funtioning mind) both know that this case was intentionally bungled and whitewashed, in the same manner as that of the cop shooting of Michael Paulhus. That's why Kelly Ayotte keeps telling me that Paulhus is not yet a closed investigation, when we all know that case has been closed for more than a year. Really it was closed the minute that the LE destroyed all of the evidence, yah.

Read about Kelly Ayotte's bogus investigation in the Franconia shooting tragedy and and her deviations from accepted protocl right here. Read about the FACT that Bruce McKay violated 8 pursuit and OC Spray policies before Liko Kenney shot and killed him out of fear right here. And recognize that Liko Kenney's car only struck Bruce McKay once -- after Gregory W. Floyd started shooting at him right here.

Anyway, watch Liko Kenney discuss philanthropy, martial arts and life in the North Country in this video, and a short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts," right here.

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