30 December 2008

KingCast suspends profanity ban long enough to say "Fuck you" to Chip Saltsman and Ken Blackwell.

Here is the story.

Would it be acceptable for a black statesperson to write a song about Dubya' being "the great white hope?"

Hell no.

But that doesn't stop that Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima dirtbag Ken Blackwell (whose son was busted cheating on the bar exam, hahahahaha) from coming to his support.

More on this later. Okay, it's later. Forgot his son also got caught smoking up, and that's pretty hard to do. Stupid jackass, runs in the family.

Way before the Days of Diebold I knew Ken Blackwell and Blacks Against Blackwell (RIP Stephanie Tubbs Jones) I knew he was a tool from the time I met him.

29 December 2008

KingCast asks, WTF is Bristol Palin smuggling?

Them don't look right. But then again the expression on boy toy's face does the situation no substantial Justice either. But perhaps there is poetic Justice in that.

PS -- Scene at a local restaurant on Saturday afternoon as KingCast played word association with a woman from Alaska:

"Sarah Palin."
"Urrggghhh.... we took her back and we took one for the team.... we sacrificed the state for the betterment of the Country."

27 December 2008

KingCast makes an impassioned plea to prosecutor James Vara to go after dirtbag multiple-felon Gregory W. Floyd.

And so it came to pass, as noted in yesterday's Merry Christmas from Franconia post. The KingCast amicus brief (422 456 views) thanking NH AG Kelly Ayotte for her fine work in the case of State v. Gibbs, 953 A.2d 439(2008), allowing imposition of outstanding sentancing, right here right now, bubba, is all part of the picture, yah.

26 December 2008

Merry Christmas from Franconia: A broken sweetheart deal on multiple felon and dirtbag Gregory W. Floyd, trials going forward.

Sweet (stolen) Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus, Gregory W. Floyd (seen there lunging at Yours Truly with a deadly weapon) will stand trial and sentencing for his most recent criminal activities. The Caledonian Record reported it just today!

"The "global resolution" reached last month in the case of Gregory W. Floyd appears to have fallen apart.

On Nov. 12, defense attorney Bill Christie and New Hampshire Department of Safety prosecutor Bob Gainor agreed to consolidate convictions and umbrella a 1998 assault conviction, a 2008 criminal threatening conviction and later charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and assault under a six-months-to-serve, six-months-deferred plea deal.

Grafton County Assistant Attorney James Vara - who will prosecute all three cases - would not discuss what led to the breakdown in the deal, but did say "we're proceeding forward" with the trials.

On Dec. 15, at Grafton Superior Court, a hearing was held to reimpose Floyd's 10-year-old conviction. On June 22, 1998, Floyd was convicted of attempting to knee New Hampshire State Police trooper Scot E. Bryan in the groin. Floyd was originally sentenced to one to three years in state prison, suspended for 10 years of good behavior, but his subsequent conviction negated that sentence......

......Gainor, who prosecuted at the criminal threatening trial and who had called November's sentencing deal a "last-minute resolution," is likely to assist in the upcoming trials, Vara said.

Christie could not be reached for comment."

KingCast however, can indeed be reached for comment. In fact, I just issued a commentary on the State of Things a few days ago, vis a vis Casey Sherman's forthcoming book. Wonder if the Feds put pressure on this? Or maybe Floyd started acting a fool again and blew everything up. Whatever it is, dammit its about high time this jackass started facing the consequences of his illegal actions, yah.

Related post: Some of the lies Kelly Ayotte set up for Floyd.

Related KingCast/Franconia Collective pic:
KingCast makes a passioned plea to Prosecutor James Vara to prosecute dirtbag Gregory W. Floyd; and it came to pass. The KingCast amicus brief (422 views) thanking NH AG Kelly Ayotte for her fine work in the case of State v. Gibbs, 953 A.2d 439(2008), allowing imposition of outstanding sentancing, right here right now, bubba, is all part of the picture, yah.

25 December 2008

23 December 2008

KingCast presents: Sky.

Ain't it purdy!

Back story:
The picture is a dandy. And I like the composition as well. Note the curvature of the two sets of cloud formations that come together in a sort of an "S" line.

It's quality shit.

Just as I finished and walked back to GReta, up pulls the local's finest.

"How you doin'" (I took the initiative)

"How you doin?" (He asks with a smile)

"I'm good, just taking a picture of the sunrise."

"That's good... just wanted to make sure you weren't broken down or anything....."

"Oh, thanks. No I'm fine...... But just wait a minute, it's an old BMW!!!"

22 December 2008

KingCast says the murders of Jeremy Charron and Michael Briggs show that New Hampshire still has racist tendencies.

Oh, yah. White boys with horrible rap sheets like Gordon Perry can kill a cop and the AG's office will cut a deal with 'em. Read more on that right here. Wealthy white boys like John J. Brooks can orchestrate murder for hire and get life. But you let a black man do the crime and you're gonna' get the full measure of the Law, you betcha.'

Another time the AG's office cut a deal with Richard Labbe, the white murderer of Thun Phetakoune, an innocent Asian man and an elder no less.

Which goes to reinforce the fact that black men shouldn't be committing crimes anywhere, much less in New Hampshire. The Good Thing about New Hampshire though, if you are an innocent black man, you can often stand your ground and tell them to go to hell.

I do it every day, con mucho gusto.

Hey KingCast, what's the progress on Casey Sherman's book, and what's going on in Franconia lately?

Well folks are busy gettin' busy at Cannon Mountain, where the snow keeps on coming, no icy trails this time!

And as far as the legal and right-to-know issues are concerned, just waiting for the hearing on Grafton 08-E192 (largely about Martha McLeod's secret emails) and for a new Administration, a new ATF Director and Congress in 2009 so that we can find out exactly what the Federal posture is on multiple felon, criminal threats-issuing, habitual 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violator and murderer of Liko Kenney (IMHO) Gregory W. Floyd. Got a friend in Georgia who may be looking up a few more things about Floyd's illustrious criminal past there, so stay tuned on that as well.

And Davey and Michele inform me that Casey Sherman called them recently, as he is busy doing his thing with his book, working title Bad Blood. Today's Boston Herald reports that he's just put the finishing touches on it and it will enjoy publication in September. Here's a bit about him for those who are not aware:
Casey Sherman made international headlines in 2001 with his re-investigation of the notorious Boston Strangler case. His crusade for the truth was chronicled in his best-selling true crime thriller, A Rose for Mary.

Sherman followed it up with his first novel, the action-packed adventure, Black Irish which also became a best-seller..... Sherman has just finished Finest Hours with co-author Michael Tougias about the US Coast Guard's most daring sea rescue. Finest Hours is slated for release in 2009. Right now Sherman is working on another sequel in the Black Irish series and a true crime thriller called Bad Blood, about a police shooting that has divided a quiet New England town.

Sherman is a contributing editor for Boston Common Magazine and a contributing writer for Boston Magazine. He lives in the Boston area.

While we worked independently on this matter, Mr. Sherman and I (and everyone else with a funtioning mind) both know that this case was intentionally bungled and whitewashed, in the same manner as that of the cop shooting of Michael Paulhus. That's why Kelly Ayotte keeps telling me that Paulhus is not yet a closed investigation, when we all know that case has been closed for more than a year. Really it was closed the minute that the LE destroyed all of the evidence, yah.

Read about Kelly Ayotte's bogus investigation in the Franconia shooting tragedy and and her deviations from accepted protocl right here. Read about the FACT that Bruce McKay violated 8 pursuit and OC Spray policies before Liko Kenney shot and killed him out of fear right here. And recognize that Liko Kenney's car only struck Bruce McKay once -- after Gregory W. Floyd started shooting at him right here.

Anyway, watch Liko Kenney discuss philanthropy, martial arts and life in the North Country in this video, and a short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts," right here.

17 December 2008

KingCast says if the facts are as alleged, Lisa Valentine should sue Douglasville Judge Keith Rollins for First Amendment violations.

Lisa Valentine, a Muslim woman, already had an arguable case for not being allowed to wear her hijab in municipal court in the first place based on Religion. But if what her husband Omar Hall says is true, it's a clear cut First Amendment violation on Speech:
Hall said Valentine, an insurance underwriter, told the bailiff that she had been in courtrooms before with the scarf on and that removing it would be a religious violation. When she turned to leave and uttered an expletive, Hall said a bailiff handcuffed her and took her before the judge.

Whoops. She was LEAVING when she was called back. Thing is, you're allowed to tell a cop whatever the hell you want to, though as long as you don't threaten injury or another crime. Ask my buddy Regina Sansalone, in Sansalone v. Ohio, 71 Ohio App.3d 284 (1991). What next, start arresting Jewish men with Yamakas? I bet he wouldn't dare, which makes this case all the more insidious.
That means it was her name-calling that got her arrested and brought before the Judge. That's why they let her go after she was allegedly sentenced to 10 days for Contempt of Court. Lookout.

PS: A tennis streaker and an Islamic woman in back-to-back posts. It's KingCastic.

16 December 2008

And the best doubles team in 2008, same as 1984: John McEnroe and some other dude.

No offense Jamie, just kidding. Besided, Peter Fleming said it first anyway, and he won 57 dubs titles with Mac so he should know. Here's Borg/Federer and McEnroe/Blake last month. Damn these guys can play, what a treat to watch.

Also delightful to watch at the 1996 Wimbledon mens final between Richard Krajicek and MaliVai Washington was Melissa Johnson. Oh, yah.

15 December 2008

KingCast whip of the Day: The '71 Boat tail Buick Riviera.

In America's 1970's motoring history, there is probably no cooler car than the '71-'73 Boat tail Riviera. This one was so nice I should have pulled the real camera to shoot it, but whatever.

14 December 2008

KingCast will observe the rest of the evening in silence in respect for Robert Taylor.

One year ago today, in about an hour, Robert Taylor lost his life in an apartment that was illegal in many many ways. Here is my post on the one year Anniversary story in this weekend's Gloucester Times.

KingCast presents: The Ice Storm.

More than just a movie with one of my fave acresses, an ongoing nightmare on the streets and in the hills of New England.

KingCast says "It's Bjorn again! Borg-McEnroe take to the Court."

Perhaps the only more notable tennis rivalry in the modern era beyond Connors McEnroe, or McEnroe Lendl, is Borg-McEnroe. All of the rivalries I mentioned occurred at the height of the game in America, which coincided with when I was drawn to the sport as a yute.

Borg has been busy dealing with the ups and downs of the rock-star lifestyle for a while, and at one point even considered selling all of his trophies and all of that, but McEnroe hollered at a brother and Borg thankfully reconsidered. Now he's playing exhibitions with McEnroe, and at 50, these guys still hit the ball something awesome. That's why it's so cool in this video that Mac recognized Borg for taking him under his wing when he started on the tour.

Bonus: Borg at Wimbledon Quarters, circa 1973. Roger Taylor, at match point in the fifth set, actually commands that they play a let after a non call on what would have been his service ace. Wow.

Second Bonus: Borg-Gerulaitis 1980 French Open final. I loved Vitas' game. He didn't have much power but boy did he have wheels, and I loved the way he struck the ball. Much like his buddy McEnroe, he had a lot of precision to his game off the ground, then got to net when he could. RIP my brother.

13 December 2008

KingCast says, "Here come the cock-a-roaches!!"

It starts with one. Sam Colt. Read the comments to this week's the taser post. Here's what Big Al has to say about it.

KingCast, Gloucester Times say on 1-Year anniversary of Lorraine fire: "Rest in Peace, Robert Taylor, you most certainly did not die in vain."

I heard that yesterday's Gloucester Times ran a story on the fatal fire one year ago at the Lorraine building over at 80 Middle Street. It's a multimedia presentation with archived and current video, including statements from fire victim and painter Ed Herman, and Marc Nicastro, the firefighter who entered Robert Taylor's blocked-off third floor apartment that only had egress from an elevator via the fourth floor.
"He was a big spirit, he was a good guy.... I was involved in that rescue attempt and to watch a person perish like that, will stay with me for my life," said Herman, of Taylor.

Former resident Karen Kushin moved her family out of the Lorraine and spoke with Robert Taylor often. She told the Gloucester Times and other media a year ago that he said he was "living on borrowed time in this firetrap" at the Lorraine.

Robert Taylor's Law -- a bill that would mandate disclosure of a residential building's underinspected health and building department status prior to leasing -- should hit the Senate Floor any day now, to be introduced by Senator Bruce Tarr and supported by State Rep. Anthony Verga and others.

Former resident Shanna Schulze -- a friend of mine -- sued the owners, Gary Raso and Robert Gattineri, and most of the other tenants have retained counsel. Raso's name may be familiar to some sports fans: He was arrested for extortion when he somehow came into possession of Ted Williams' championship rings somehow a few years back. But that's another story.

Suggested reading: More about Robert Taylor, and more, and then of course a eulogy.

KingCast PS for the Times' Kate Glass: Solid videos.

12 December 2008

KingCast says "Goodnight, Bettie Page."

My girlfriend has a stack of Bettie Page playing cards. She says its okay if I look at them a little too long :)

Some women are just gifted. The smaller picture is Ms. Page at eighty (that's 80 as in 4 x 20) years young. Say what you will about Marilyn, say what you will about Ertha or anybody else, Bettie Page defined the genre of sex goddess.


06 December 2008

Remember when NH AG Kelly Ayotte said "If we see new evidence we would be willing to reopen the Franconia investigation?"

Well she was lying, as usual. I was just taking a few moments in preparation of an RSA 91-A payment for some materials I've requested some time ago, when I was reminded that the State did in fact maintain the clothing of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay -- yet allegedly performed absolutely no testing on it.

Read Attorney Modigliani's responses in the comments, key on items 8-10 from the KingCast John Lynch Integrity Post:
The Department does have certain items of clothing into evidence, however, physical evidence is not subject to the Right to Know law.

But again, the clothing was supposed to be tested pursuant to Peter Heed's AG "Officer Deadly Force Protocol" Section IV Policy E(9)(e).

Again, the rub is that the clothing worn by Liko Kenney would tell us whether Gregory W. Floyd was lying about where he was standing when he started shooting. If he was really standing with his torso or arms inside the Supra and holding Caleb Macaulay back, then there's gonna be some SERIOUS GSR on Liko's clothing. But if he shot through the closed window then, well..... there won't be. For example, Forensic Specialist Paul Erwin Kish noted in the Michael Paulhus shooting that Kelly also "investigated..."
"The clothing of Mr. Paulhus was apparently never collected. Had the shirt been collected it may have assisted in establishing muzzle-to-target range."

I'm just saying it's America's Right-to-Know w'happened out there on 116 regardless of who's "side" you take. And that certainly could be new evidence that points toward Floyd being a murderer who then reloaded Liko Kenney's gun himself and took his live round home in his pocket, so it's kind of neat the way this works, right:

Kelly has the new evidence already, but won't test it. Or at least she says she didn't. Whatever, it's really hard to keep track of her lies and patent misrepresenations in this case, so I'll just note it to the Court at oral argument and put it in the U.S. House Complaint.

PS: I don't visit Topix anymore, it's not worth my time and it is entirely devoid of any rational thought processes. But they certainly visit here, I know their IP addresses and all of that. What fun.

05 December 2008

KingCast presents the "Oopsie-daisy my bad" series #1: Diabetics are in for a shocking day; meanwhile Franconia rationalizes Bruce McKay's behaviours.

Remarkable, isn't it? Here's the video from the El Reno, Oklahoma faux pas. Here's the Democratic Underground forum on it.

Watch the video closely. Doesn't the tape appear to skip, in addition to being edited?

A year ago, the same thing happened in London to a bloke named Nicholas Gaubert. Ironically (or at least coincidentally but more ironically IMHO), Gaubert the son of a magistrate.

On a related note, back here in the Good Ol' U.S. of A, here's what happened to Franconia's Liko Kenney over a damn inspection sticker, before he was murdered (IMNSHO) by a multiple felon so-called "passer by" named Gregory W. Floyd: Bruce McKay violated 8 distinct OC Spray and Pursuit policies before Liko Kenney shot him out of fear.

Here's the really disturbing part: Because "rogue bully behind his badge" Bruce McKay did not entirely incapacitate Liko Kenney with his unlawful use of Tahoe and OC Spray, Franconia will rationalize going to stun guns, so the cops can REALLY knock your ass out over a trifling (yet revenue-generating) ticket. They slipped this notification event past the citizens with minimal fanfare and posting. The locals notified me of it though, yah. It's open season on the petty lawbreakers, no doubt. It's payday Friday. Time to buy some more McKay RSA 91-A materials.

KingCast respectfully asks, "What the hell will happen with Michael Sullivan's confirmation as ATF director?"

From what he told me before he gave me a hug and promised to prosecute people like multiple felon Gregory W. Floyd, Joe Biden would like to see him in. From a 18 September Boston Globe story, this is the last I heard. Strike that, on 26 September there was this Boston Herald Story saying his confirmation hearing was a mixed bag of treats.
WASHINGTON - U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan fielded some tough questions about gun laws, but he also won praise at a Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday to become director of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Sullivan, a former Republican state legislator and district attorney, was nominated by President Bush for the job in March. He has been acting director of the agency for more than a year.

Related post: The First Family, gun control and Civil Rights.

03 December 2008

KingCast presents: Twins!

KingCast Joke of the Day: So Plaxico Burress walks into a bar and asks for a shot.....

"Hello..... has anybody there seen my brain?......"

KingCast says hahahaha.... dumb-ass is lucky he didn't shoot his d*ck off, LOL.

Dear Blogger: Please remove blogging privileges for "John Fassullo," or anyone at his IP Address.

Dear Blogger Help, support@blogger.com:

This tool is a spammer. Here is his profile, http://www.blogger.com/profile/03234000739605606264 Also see this post for the spam. This same message has been ongoing, but as you can see, with 3 profile views, this is a new game for him.

Thank you.

Texas firefighter cites KingCast in college presentation.

The predicate was last year's interview with a First Responder in the Cahill/Payne/Tai Ho tragedy.
"Very interesting. Thank you for sharing your interview. I am a firefighter for a medium sized department in Texas. I am currently attending a college credit fire tactics course. With your permission, I will be using your interview in my up coming presentation. Once again thank you, and if you have any other information regarding this unfortunate fire I would appreciate your correspondence."
Andrew FF/EMT

02 December 2008

KingCast pings ATF's Roy Chabra again on Gregory W. Floyd.

24 Oct.
14 Nov.
1 Dec.

And every two (2) weeks thereafter until we find out what the Feds have to say about Gregory W. Floyd and his guns. As we recall, Vice President-Elect Biden said he would vigorously prosecute people like Floyd under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1), as he gave me a hug in front of an entire auditorium in Nashua, New Hampshire. As we further recall, the Feds had absolutely nothing to say about it ten (10) years ago even as the Grafton County Superior Court waited, as noted in the docket sheet. I mean, look they can tell me to go pound sand, whatever. But they gotta tell me SOMETHING.

I've got the Redenbacher on the stove, waiting.

PS: See a guy I work with has a full Federal reciprocal permit. Floyd ain't got no such thing. He's just a multiple felon, a jackass getting away with bloody murder, IMHO.

KingCast says, "Hither, the NAACP?"

Now here's an interesting turn-of-events:

A couple of years ago some tool who goes by the name "Quiet Man" elsewhere in cyberspace, wrote a tongue-in-cheek comment "hither the muse?" with respect to a certain young lady in my life at the time. He then went on to say that "NAACP is going on ahead and still in the game despite your absence as former Southern NH Legal Chair." Well I'm pleased to report that the muse is fine, saw her a coupla' months ago for a stroll through Central Park. And I'm fine, busy working and continuing to address pressing Civil Rights and First Amendment/FOIA/Right-to-Know issues. Hell, I've even got pending legislation to honour Gloucester Fire Victim Robert Taylor pending by and through Massachusetts Senator Bruce Tarr, set for introduction in the New Session. Just traded emails with his office a coupla' weeks ago on that.

Guess who's not fine?

The NAACP. They closed seven (7) regional offices last year and you haven't heard a peep out of them for months.

01 December 2008

KingCast Notice of Filing of Original Davey Kenney Affidavit and Notice of Hopkington Selectmen Action on Emails.

Hey Martha,



Now comes Petitioner to provide the Court with the Original of Davey Kenney’s Affidavit. Please see Attachment 1. Meanwhile, Petitioner also provides, by way of a Request for Judicial Notice, the fact that Hopkington Selectmen have taken measures to put an end to use of private emails to conduct public affairs, an important fact given Defendant McLeod’s history of clandestine communications in this case.
“The new system will require the selectmen to e-mail one another through town addresses, instead of personal accounts. All e-mails will be printed and put into a folder, which will be kept in the town hall, accessible to the public.”

Please see the attached Concord Monitor news story of 26 November, 20008, “Selectmen to Change e-mail policy” at Attachment 2.

Respectfully submitted........