25 November 2008

Spammers send KingCast to require registered comments.

I've been battling the spammers for some time now, and it is a losing battle. Here's the latest, which has shown up in dozens of posts.
lijialefw has left a new comment on your post "KingCast applauds former Bruce McKay associate for...":

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As the pending RSA 91-A case heads to hearing, some folks are getting very angry. It's probably "Quiet Man" or some other tool, but no worries. Those of you who really have something to say are free to email me and I'll post your comments without your email address if you like, just as I did a year ago when I closed the comments for a week while I was preparing RSA 91-A lawsuit #1.


Meanwhile, former JAG Attorney "Bill Christy" (he's off-duty now so he's a JAG-off) or Quiet Man wrote in yesterday, and the following collquy ensued:


Nobody gives a crap about you.

Bottom line is that I'm about to review that damn ballistics report.

By Christopher King, at 7:56 PM

and, what will be gained, you looked at them, big deal, itstill will not change the final disposition of the case.

By Anonymous, at 3:52 AM

We don't know exactly what will come of the review, nor do we know what will come of the Congressional Complaint.

The whole point is that we live in America, dammit, and nobody -- I repeat nobody -- is going to stop me or anyone I'm friends with from holding the government accountable under FOIA and RSA 91-A.

In case you didn't notice, that is the point, the sine qua non as it were, you stupid jackass.

You have just provided me with my next blawg entry.

As Bruce McKay would say:


-The KingCaster

By Christopher King, at 4:42 AM

who are you accountable to

By Anonymous, at 6:38 AM


You mean, "to whom are you accountable?"

Answer: The United States Constitution, and I'm usually correct about those freedoms, in case you haven't noticed.

Thanks for allowing me to clarify.

-The KingCaster.

By Christopher King, at 7:05 AM

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