26 November 2008

KingCast says Hopkington Selectmen agree: All emails on public matters must issue through public accounts.

Let's start at the beginning before I get to the new story: See, the reason why I asked for Martha McLeod's private emails goes to her history of deceit and to the Tennessee (Knox County) district attorney's pronouncement that all private emails concerning public matters are subject to inspection.

[Law Director] John Owings also stated that, in the case of email, it wouldn’t matter if such communication was sent to the commissioner’s government account or to any private account the commissioner has.
“If [an email] relates to the transaction of official business, it wouldn’t matter if it were sent to an official Knox County account or a private account. It would be public record, in my estimation,” Owings said.

If Miss Martha didn't have a history of deceit, I wouldn't have asked for the private emails.


Anyway, here's the new policy as publised in today's Concord Monitor, which provides, in pertinent part:
The new system will require the selectmen to e-mail one another through town addresses, instead of personal accounts. All e-mails will be printed and put into a folder, which will be kept in the town hall, accessible to the public. The new system will take effect once it is formally written.

That reminds me, I need to call the Knoxville Attorney's office today.

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