19 November 2008

KingCast explains why Uncle Joe was everything Gregory W. Floyd was not.

Soooo......Two U.S. Veterans helped me piece this together about my Uncle's creds:

Sgt. First Class. Expert marksman/combat. Vietnam. Potential Bronze Star -- Nation's third highest award for valour in combat. Speciality Badge, prestigious. Presidential Citation unit award for combat.

He could do more than "shoot at a tree and hit it," and he would do less than shoot a stunned and defenseless young man in a Toyota Supra, as noted by a certain turncoat retired JAG Attorney.

Related facts:
Floyd had no decorations, and was not Force Recon, but was AWOL. Twice.

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Anonymous said...

Hair cut out of regulation, no name plate, lack of branch insignia, missing unit crest, if the combat patch on right shoulder was real his EIB would have a laurel leaf around it, plus the EIB is not properly spaced above ribbons. probable not a bronze star, has no device. Looks like somebody played dress up.

Christopher King said...

I'll get his social and pull the report, jackass.

One thing Uncle Joe and I never did -- unlike your lover Gregory Floyd -- is play dress up in the County orange.


Christopher King said...

Boo! MF (my friend):

Related facts:
Floyd had no decorations, and was not Force Recon, but was AWOL. Twice.

Anonymous said...

For the U.S Army, the Bronze Star is the 4th highest decoration for combat bravery, preceded by the the Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross, and Congressional Medal Of Honor.

Christopher King said...


The perfect time, the perfect car, the 1980's Carerra and the late 1990's 993, the last air-cooled model.

Thanks for the point of correction.

It's much easier to discern the medals and awards of Gregory W. Floyd of course, because he has none -- and despite not being an expert rifleman, brags about shooting at Liko Kenney and a damn tree.

Hell yeah he needs a psychological evaluation, and he can get that while stationed up as a prisoner.


BTW both of the veterans at work who were evaluating this situation are the Real Deal; one of them was a marksman/sniper stationed in Beiurut with a back full of shrapnel to show for it. Like my Uncle, and unlike Gregory W. Floyd, he was really there, really did something.

-The KingCaster.