26 November 2008

KingCast bags GReta, she's smoking hot!

LOL. With an eta motor, smoking hot she is not, but she rocks nonetheless. I love my little time machines.

I do like the little eta. It's just that even after I chip it there is still the missing top end rush, and all of my BMWs have been top-end motors.

She runs about like the tii, I guess but just not in the same exhilarating manner. The tii of course had 700 less cc's and two fewer cylinders.

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This guy Michael in Charleston, SC understands, totally.

And the current whip, July 2018: Another 535is!

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Christopher King said...

This Marlboro-enhanced (usually American Spirit) post was brought to you by the KingCaster, and I approve this comment.

Just like Barack, I do pretty well at quitting smoking.

Until Friday night sometimes.

-The KingCaster.